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Hello All,


First time poster, hoping you could help with a question... My 15 year old Onkyo receiver is acting up.  Based on research conducted on this site and others, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on an X-4000 as a replacement.  Sounds like a nice upgrade that will open up world of digital audio and streaming music and a nice upgrade of SQ


My old Onkyo receiver included a rather nice remote control with features such as learning codes from other devices, an LCD display that shows the device that is being controlled and, most important, Macros to turn everything on/off and switch all settings to a desired state for each input with a single button push.  This type of remote does not seem to be included with any mid-priced AVR's any more.  I have become aware of products from Harmony and URC that could do this for me, but....wondering if the following may be a better solution?


I was researching the Denon model 4520 AVR and noticed that it comes with a remote model RC-1165 that appears to have the LCD display, learning and macro features that are important to simple operation and retaining wife's acceptance. I was wondering if anyone is currently using the RC-1165 to control the X4000?  Do all of the X4000 functions work with this remote?  The RC-1165 is available for about $40 on line.


Is it generally true that a manufacture will use the same remote codes within a product line i.e. Denon Receivers?


Thank You for your help.


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All Denon receivers will use the same basic remote codes.

However, if anything new is added with that model it will not be available.

My advice would be to get an inexpensive Harmony as it will have access to all the codes for all of your devices.
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