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Shaolin666 06:53 AM 07-27-2014

I am about to start wiring for a new project in my house. My goal is to be able to view my CCTV DVR feeds on each and every TV in the house. So far I am thinking that my set up will be something like the following:

10 x IP Cameras <-----> CCTV DVR <----> 1 to 8 HDMI SPLITTER <------> 8 x TV's

This would allow me to view the CCTV feeds on all TV's but is there a device which would allow me to control the CCTV DVR via 8 remotes which would be next to each TV? So, 8 receivers with 8 remotes and 1 transmitter connected to the CCTV DVR. If not a device capable of 8, then maybe 6 or 5?

Or if anyone can think of any other method to view AND control the CCTV DVR feeds on all TV's in the house other than what I have outlined above I would be very much appreciative. I have the house open an ready to be wired with pretty much anything at the moment, CAT5e/CAT6/Fibre Optics/Coax.

Many thanks in advance


mdavej's Avatar mdavej 07:58 AM 07-27-2014
Simplest solution would be Next Generation RF base plus 7 additional Xmitter batteries (all the same frequency), $180 total. No limits that I know of besides distance (60' give or take, depending on walls and materials).

Since you have the walls open, you could also wire for IR everywhere or use IR over existing coax.

There are probably lots of other solutions (IP, etc.).
Shaolin666 10:37 AM 07-27-2014

Lots of reading for me to do. Many thanks for taking the time to reply in such a thorough manner. I will report back once I have decided upon a suitable method to conclude this thread in the hopes it might assist others.

Thanks again.

olyteddy's Avatar olyteddy 11:12 AM 07-27-2014
You could also (depending on DVR) control it via WiFi and a tablet or phone. If you wanted 8 separate remotes you could probably use those sub-fifty dollar Android tablets from BigLots.
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