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NOVA5's Avatar NOVA5 01:33 PM 11-11-2006
I clean the contacts once every few months, if that often and don't have these problems. I wasn't getting personal in any way. People that expect perfection in everything are going to find life a great disappointment. They simply need a better charging system, a plugin type would work best, but not be the best solution. but one it sort of presses into should work great, not just rests on but a light push to lock it into it. the cradels own springloaded contacts might have another set below them so that power is only supplied through them when sufficent weight is applied to make the connection.. more contacts to get dirty.

SnellKrell's Avatar SnellKrell 03:11 PM 11-11-2006
Roofus, couldn't say it better myself!
Codeman's Avatar Codeman 10:15 AM 11-13-2006
The root problem is that the springs used under each contact are a bit too strong and the weight of the remote isn't enough to overcome all 3 springs consistently. This leaves one contact not making good contact. Cleaning can only help so far. It can't overcome a flawed design.

If anyone doubts that the springs are the culprit, try this. Put the remote down in the cradle. now, gently press on one side near the contacts. Does it tilt easily? Now try it on the other side. Now, press in the center of the screen. Did it press down slightly?

What's happening is that the springs are actually holding the remote up. When that happens and you have 3 contact points, unless the 3 points are in a perfect line, one of those 3 contacts isn't going to make a good connection, if it even connects at all.

Logitech either needed to use slightly weaker springs to allow all 3 contacts to be made consistently, should have placed the contacts at the same end as the battery (slightly heavier), or used a capture mechanism to ensure good contacts on all 3 points.

Besides monthly cleaning with CAIG's DeOxIt and ProGold, I simply put a tube of Daisy BB's on top of the screen. This always works.
SnellKrell's Avatar SnellKrell 01:50 PM 11-13-2006

You pay, possibly $250 and you have to buy a tube of Daisy BBs???????

Not readily available in my Manhattan neighborhood.

Canada, are you listening?
Codeman's Avatar Codeman 07:46 AM 11-14-2006
Roofus's Avatar Roofus 10:55 AM 11-14-2006
I called them yesterday and they are replacing my docking station for free. Said if I continued to have the problem with the new dock they would replace the remote as well.
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