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02-01-2011 | Posts: 148
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I have the IR4PS3 and it works great w/ my 1000 & RF extender. I have Insteon lighting for 4 zones in my theater. I use the Insteon IR receiver with a line from the RF extender to control all the zones (3 control panels in equipment closet, one pad in theater room).
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08-31-2013 | Posts: 2,550
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first time poster in this forum. I have the Harmony 1000 and would like to know if it could control an Elite motorized screen and projector? I received an Elite 100" screen for a birthday present and now I am shopping around for a PJ. the remote works flawlessly now, controlling tv, STB, AVR, PS3, Cd player, 200 disc cd player, lights. Thanks in advance, let me go back to unpacking my screen..smile.gif

Update: 1000 controls PJ which triggers screen to go up or down.. Can this RF extender work with a Pio Elite 03 in my rack? I put up some blackout curtains now and need a RF extender for the rack components.. thanks in advance.

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12-24-2013 | Posts: 2,550
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Another 1000 question: After shutting off the JVC projector w/Harmony, it asks "Are you sure you want to exit?" and then you have to hit the button on the JVC remote again..The Harmony shuts it off but you have to hit a button on JVC remote again to answer that stupid question.. How do I set up the Harmony to hit this button again and not use the pj remote? thanks in advance

from the manual:
While the “Are you sure you want to turn off?” message is displayed, press the button again.

The lamp turns off, and the “STANDBY/ON” indicator switches from a green light to a red blinking light.

After the light goes off, the fan will run for about 60 seconds to cool down the lamp (Cool-down mode)
Do not disconnect the power cable while cooling is in progress.
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01-04-2014 | Posts: 2,550
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fixed the off problem.. According to the Logitech forum, I had to program in a few off commands in a row separated by a few mili seconds.. Everything works perfect now..
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