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01-21-2007 | Posts: 32
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Is the issue with keys rubbing off on the 720 really a problem? Has it been resolved?

Does the same thing happen with the TC30?

And if I am set on the TC30, I hear that you can goto the Harmony site for help, but not get the full benefit, not sure what that means. Will I be ok? LOL (not that I am now LOL)

Would you let that stop you

I mean I really want one of those. They are better than the 880 right with those soft and real close keys and ugly peanut shape 'thing.'

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01-21-2007 | Posts: 805
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Problem solved: Logitech rubs them off by themselves now before shipping.
TC30 has not had this problem in the first place: there are no labels to be rubbed off.
In terms of tech support you will be OK, I even use the same software to maintain both TC30 and Harmony 670.
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01-21-2007 | Posts: 6
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Sorry for the Newb question

But can I got to Harmony's site and use the online software to program a tc30?

I really like the 2 extra buttons on the LCD
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