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Yes, I know this is a plasma vs. LED situation, but I've pretty much researched myself into this dilemma. I looked at both in the admittedly sub-optimal conditions at Costco and while I almost always prefer plasma, I was impressed by the Vizio.

Input lag info on the Vizio seems to be lacking, but if it's anything like the 60" version, that's not an issue.

Having a hell of a time making the decision, as it seems that I have to choose between larger size versus marginally better picture quality.

For every advantage of one (say the Vizio's 4-2 advantage in HDMI ports), there's one for the other (the Panny's natural plasma advantage in fast motion rendering).

Anything I'm overlooking here that could be decisive?
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I haven't tested either specific set.  However, I have an older Panny 56" plasma at the house.  Love it, but it has the glossy screen.  Windows at the new house is killing me on reflections.  Also a bit undersized for the room, so I am looking around.  The Vizio E701I-A3 is on my short list to review in-person.


In regards to gaming....people say you get burn in with plasma.  I haven't experienced that, and I game for prolonged periods.  Even fell asleep a few times with COD screens on for 4+ HOURS at a time and no damage.  I have a buddy that has an LED-LCD...don't recall manuf/model but know it's a 120hz refresh  We frequently play COD with each other online but also when visiting each other for cookouts, etc.  He never complains about issues.  And I've never noticed any either.


As far as I'm concerned it's a non-issue.  

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Look for the s64 instead of the s60. It has the anti reflective screen that the st60 has. It is only sold at stores like Costco or Bj's. Same price as the s60 too! IMO it is the best gaming TV on the cheap.

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The ST60 is rated poorly for input lag. Great TV for movies, not so much for gaming. CNET is including this measurement in their reviews now. They have an article ranking tvs by input lag now too. Just Google it.

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Actually the S60 does have a good score for lag, it's the ST60 that's the slow one. So yeah, good choice.

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Wow, these are actually the two sets I'm debating over right now. Except I bought the P65S60 and am debating if I should return it for the E701-A3. This is my very first plasma and I'm SUPER paranoid about Image Retention (IR).

I did the 100hrs break-in with the slides before I used it for anything, actually worked out to 120hrs before I used it. I even ran the slides many times while I slept after that, as I read the 2nd most "break-in" period is the first 250hrs. My set has about 320hrs on it (in less than 3 weeks) and I have seen IR several times on it......BUT only when I've gone looking for it. As I said I'm super paranoid, so usually after about 1.5-3hrs of gaming, I'll run the slides or the white bar screen wipe, and it's on those that I notice the IR, and really the only place I've noticed it so far. I tend to run either of those a lot and frankly getting tired of doing all this maintenance to it, but maybe I just need to chill out about it and not get so worked up over it.

I will say definitely set Pixel Orbiter to ON when gaming on it! I accidentally set it to AUTO (which is basically OFF) once and played Warframe on my PS4 with a friend for about 3 hours, and afterwards when I ran the slides I was sick to my stomach with what I saw. Almost all the HUD elements were CLEARLY "burnt-in" to the screen I could make the ammo counter and level of my character clear as day on the white slide, and most of the grey ones, a faintly on the colored slides. It was my worst nightmare about a plasma come true. It was late, so I just set the slides to run and went to bed, when I woke up it was all gone, and probably took a lot less than the 8hrs I let it run while I slept. And that was the worst IR I'd seen, if you set the orbiter to ON the worst I've got after 3hr gaming sessions is a faint grey-blob where some part of the HUD was, and it goes away in a couple minutes of running the screen swiper. Again this is me going out of my way to find it though, but even on the same game several times before with the Orbiter ON I barely noticed a thing, but with it set to AUTO (aka OFF) it was horrible IR.

So the fact that at some point I do need to go out of my way to correct IR I'm somewhat find annoying, as my last tv of 6yrs (Sony DLP) I just used it, didn't think a damn thing about it, turn on, use it, turn it off. But again, I'm probably WAY more paranoid about it than the average person.

But really the biggest thing that is starting to annoy me, and is the reason I'm maybe considering returning it for the E701-A3 is line-bleed. Yeah it can be obvious with bright text on a dark-ish back ground, which most here describe as not "normal" viewing and "not" a problem. I've noticed it the most on things like that, which have all been commercials so big whoop, but I've noticed it 2 or 3 times (out of 320hrs of use) in "normal" viewing too, and that bugs me. One show I watched there was a metal (light colored) shelve behind a woman, it did a close up on her face and BAM....big white bar right thru her face, several INCHES tall on the screen! That was by far the worst, and I've caught it here and there in other "normal" viewing and it bugs me a bit. It can be pretty noticeable in the XBox One dashboard/menus, as well as the PS4 menus too. I'd say especially the XB1 menus as it's all black background with bright colored squares, and usually the black bar between squares will go thru a larger square on the grid. I did get some settings from a user on this site that has greatly reduced how much I notice it, but it' still catches me offguard once in a while. Though I did just think of this today, is I've most frequently noticed it on HD TV shows that I get thru my antenna (no cable box) so perhaps this is in part due to ****** signal as well, that I'm not sure.

Sorry long post, but I figured my experience was relevant. I probably sound overly negative on plasma, but as I said many times I'm just super paranoid about breaking it is all. I will say the moment I started using it though, the Wow factor was very high, black levels are better than I could have imagined on a TV. Before next gen systems came out I went and hooked up my 360 to this plasma tv and load up GTA5, which I hadn't played for a couple of weeks. OMG it was like a whole new game, seriously barely recognized it, I couldn't believe it, I was dumbfounded for a few minutes.

So yeah that's my story, debating if the "work" is worth it or not, and if it's really "work" (running slides and screen swipe) or if I just need to really chill out a bit (or a lot).

Oh as far as input lag, yeah haven't noticed a thing, it's rated at 34ms I believe. I did notice some "stuttering" in Assassin's Creed 4 on my PS4 though. It's worse in the office levels, basically standing still and quickly turning the camera left (or right) I very clearly notice the right edge of the image "sticking" in a couple inch segments as it catches up with the image in the center of the screen. I think this might just be the game and or a setting on the system, maybe even tv, but I don't think it's the TV, but am not 100%. I think stuttering is the right term for that, but it's only on the opposite side of the way I'm turning, almost like the refresh right is set low, but I "thought" this game ran at 60fps, so I dunno.
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In my area i can not get an s60 especially not an s64. But you would be foolish if you have the option to get the s60 or s64 compared to the LCD. Irrefutable fact
I have a samsung pn50a650 circa 2008 and play all types of 360 games on it for hours on end and have never got close to burning anything into the screen. You would have to do something stupid to burn an image into a modern day plasma, like pause the game and leave it for hours and hours even then the gaming device will go into screen saver mode, Being clueless to picture setup on your particular plasma like having contrast set to high ( I have my plasma contrast at 80 and cell light all the way up ).
Only problem I see for plasma is if you only use it for gaming and no tv viewing, and in that case you could run the all white or scrolling ghost-in reducer every 3 days or once a week all depend on how much gaming u do on the plasma, also if you play the same game for long periods like for weeks and weeks.
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