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LewisD's Avatar LewisD 07:52 PM 03-06-2003
Read the news item at

Whoops....old news...oh well! Can't wait for it to come out...

dschroll's Avatar dschroll 08:58 PM 03-06-2003
That's all well and good, but I think I'm going to picking up the Gamecube version. Can't resist wanting to play as Link in the game :)
DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 10:37 PM 03-06-2003
"you weak pathetic fool ... " Link is lame ;) - a damn Nintendo character in the best fighting game of all time [ what a shame ] .
SPAWN will own all !!!
-- Jason Berg
** Movie trivia : who knows what movie the above Quote is from ? **
dschroll's Avatar dschroll 05:34 AM 03-07-2003
I'm sorry but Spawn as a bonus character seems "lame" to me. Although, I think the PS2 really gets the shaft in this category as they get Heihachi.

Besides....Spawn is a comic book character. Seems just as out of place to me as Link does. I just think it will be a lot more fun to play as Link than any of the other bonus characters.

One more should probably play a game first before saying it's the greatest fighting game of all time. I actually got to play this game in the arcades in Japan 6 months ago. I hope the arcade to console translation will be as good as the Dreamcast version. In any event, although this game will probably be an incredible fighting game once it gets released on consoles, it's possible something could go wrong and it not be as good as the DC I'm waiting to see for myself before I award the game anything.
stovetop's Avatar stovetop 07:12 AM 03-07-2003
This is great news. I don't have an xbox mod chip though, so I'm waiting for it's ~august release here to pick it up.

I am importing the GC version as you can play it will the freeloader without having to mod your GC. Plus, the japanese voices are much better IMO. I'm hoping the Xbox will have an option of what language you want to use.

I do think Link is the best secret character, Spawn being second, with the PS2 players getting the shaft.


I played DC Soul Calibur more than any other game I own, so I'm looking forward to this. I enjoyed playing SCII in the arcade in the US, and it does improve over SC (although I miss some of the characters). I really don't see how Namco could mess up this port though, especially since they are like the King of arcade -> console ports. Plus, you can't beat 720p support, does this mean it will be 16x9 as well?
Salmoneous's Avatar Salmoneous 07:22 AM 03-07-2003
Originally posted by DaGamePimp
"you weak pathetic fool ... " Link is lame ;) - a damn Nintendo character in the best fighting game of all time [ what a shame ] .
SPAWN will own all !!!
The screenshots of Spawn sure do look cool, but from a gameplay standpoint, he's just another big guy with an axe. I doubt he'll add anthing to the SC universe. But Link's bringing ranged weapons to the mix. I can't wait to see how he plays out.

However, in the end, regardless of version, we all know Ivy rules.
gigapower's Avatar gigapower 10:16 AM 03-07-2003

My wife would agree with you about the fact that Ivy rules. I'm picking up the Xbox version.
DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 10:51 AM 03-07-2003
dschroll ,
-- why would you assume that I have not played the game ? [ I have and as a matter of fact I know somebody that has a beta demo of the xbox version with only 4 playable characters - he works in the gaming industry ] . Stating this was the Greatest fighting game ever is of course just my opinion . Does the fact that you played this game 6 months ago in Japan make your opinion somehow more valid than mine ?
-- I have no issue with those that prefer Link to Spawn [ my comment was made in a joking manner which is why I put the ;) at the end - please take no offense ] .
-- I will play all 3 versions once released but I feel that Spawn is a much more natural addition to a fighting game than Link [ but to each his own :) ] .
-- Best Wishes All ,
--- Jason Berg
stovetop's Avatar stovetop 11:15 AM 03-07-2003
Hmm.. Really, the only character that is somewhat IN place is Heihachi or whatever, because of his connection with Yoshimitsu/Tekken/Namco.

Link has been in the SSB series though, and he has some of the same moves as SSB, (although i don't expect to see him throwing bombs out :) ).

I'm not a big Todd McFarlane fan though, so that's my reasons for not being as excited about Spawn or Necrid.

But yeah, I was kinda caught off guard by dschrolls' comments as well. ^_^ They had SC2 in a couple arcades in my area, so I was surpised you had to go to Japan to play it. ~_^
dschroll's Avatar dschroll 11:31 AM 03-07-2003
I apologize for sounding rude.....I certainly didn't mean to. I assumed you hadn't played the console version, which is the version I was referring to. I'm impressed that you managed to play a demo of the game, but even so I think it's just a little presumptious to state that a game is the greatest fighting game of all time when it hasn't even come out for the consoles yet. Let's face it, not all sequels are better than the originals.

I shoulda put a page break in my next sentence stating that I played it in Japan, as I was then referring to the arcade version. Didn't mean to sound like I was being condescending, just stating that I had played the game and that I enjoyed the arcade version, but that I hope it's console counterpart was just as good.

I was in Japan on a business trip and was just stating that I had played it a while ago in the arcades and that I enjoyed it. I forgot that it had recently come out in the arcades here.

No hard feelings, eh?
Brory's Avatar Brory 05:59 PM 03-07-2003
It's been out here for a few months now (at least where I live). I played it first 3-4 months before Christmas last year. I kept going back for the campaign mode, which I thought was a pretty cool mode for the arcade. I am not sure it would be quite as cool for the home version (unless they tweaked it around in some way). I thought playing it, and then coming back days later and seeing what happened in the meantime was pretty cool, especially since I had a guy come back one time right after I finished killing off his army. Watching the map change because of the time (and money) I had just spent on the machine was pretty cool. I was planning on the PS2 version, since I dislike Heihachi being in it the least, but having a 720p version changes my opinion very fast!
WanMan's Avatar WanMan 05:00 PM 03-11-2003
What bites is having to wait until until August.
DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 03:43 AM 03-12-2003
actually if you are modded then you can order the Japanese release [ which comes out at the end of this month ] and play it then ;) - mine is already ordered :) .
--- Jason Berg
WanMan's Avatar WanMan 06:04 AM 03-12-2003
Jason, I take it you've 'been there, done that' in terms of modding your unit?
stovetop's Avatar stovetop 10:48 AM 03-12-2003
WanMan, I'm taking the safe route and going with the import GC version (I'm going to get the Xbox version when it comes out here though.).

You can get the FreeLoader for the GC which will let you play Import games without a mod chip. If you want to use cheat codes, the GC Action Replay also comes with FreeLoader functionality. (the Xbox Action Replay does not though)

I ordered both at (and 2 more of each for my friends)

It comes to about $90 for the GC SC2, FreeLoader and FexEx Priority.
DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 03:10 PM 03-12-2003
WanMan ,
-- Ummm ... well ... yes [ been modded since May-June 02' and I love it , the Xbox is such a great unit - who knows what it will be doing next ;) ] .
I use the mod for many things [ DivX , Emu's , Linux , Progressive DVD , VGA output , etc ] .
stovetop ,
-- there is a very easy trick that can be done inside the GameCube to allow for Import play [ save some $$$ ] .
--- Jason Berg
stovetop's Avatar stovetop 07:12 AM 03-13-2003
Are you still able to connect to Xbox Live?
And what trick are you talking about? Does it have to do opening up the GC?
DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 01:48 PM 03-13-2003
stovetop ,
Yes , you can use a mod and still use Xbox Live [ you must disable the mod before signing on to Xbox Live - no big deal with an External switch ] .
-- Here is a link to the GC trick [ this is not an Illegal mod so the link should be allowed here : ] . You do not have to do the same switch install method as the one shown [ even though it looks Great ] . I use a little External switch [ from Radio Shack ]that I had to drill a small hole in the pop off panel , it was really easy ;) .
--- Best of Luck ,
---- Jason Berg
stovetop's Avatar stovetop 02:27 PM 03-13-2003

That's what I was afraid of. ^_^ Heheh, it's worth the $30 to me to leave my console unmodded. I thought there might have been a non-mod way like with the PSX and hot swap trick.

But thanks for the article, it was an interesting read!
Kensai's Avatar Kensai 02:22 PM 03-14-2003
I modded my JPN GC to play US via a switch like the week after I bought it (the day before Rouge Leader US came out). I have no soldering skills, so I simply used small pieces of electrical tape to hold the wires down and keep them from contacting anythign they shouldn't. That was what, October 2001? No problem at all with the system so far.

My point is, if you can figure a way to get thost stupid gamebit screws out (used a 5mm hex bolt driver with alot of downward pressure; replaced them with normal philips head screws afterwards), anybody can do the mod.

ECM's Avatar ECM 10:12 AM 03-19-2003
You can use a melted plastic Bic pen to remove those screws.

As for which one I'm getting: import Cube SCII for Link!

(I'll get the Xbox rev later for 720p which is the only reason I'm getting it at all--Spawn, frankly, sucks).
SUKINON's Avatar SUKINON 03:55 PM 03-19-2003
Originally posted by dschroll
I'm sorry but Spawn as a bonus character seems "lame" to me. Although, I think the PS2 really gets the shaft in this category as they get Heihachi.

Besides....Spawn is a comic book character. Seems just as out of place to me as Link does. I just think it will be a lot more fun to play as Link than any of the other bonus characters.

One more should probably play a game first before saying it's the greatest fighting game of all time.
You Must Of Smoked Ur-self STUPID!!!
Soul Caliber Is & was The BEST FIGHTING GAME!!
It Started on DREAMCAST!! No Fighting game is close!! with an Exception to DOA3 on the Box!!!

Now about the Bonus character, Must I say it again!! LoL Ur completly Bugging!! Spawn Is the Shyt!!! *did U even see Pics?*
Well Lame cube Got Lame Azz LINK!! hahaha Wut Rip off!!! LOL
Lynk SuX He's a lil BOY!! lmao
ECM's Avatar ECM 08:22 AM 03-20-2003
Wow. After such a well-reasoned and well-written response, I can't believe I was ever looking forward to Link on Cube more than Spawn on Xbox.

dschroll's Avatar dschroll 08:32 AM 03-20-2003
Check out this link to a video of Link in action:

Doesn't look so lame to me. I'm not saying Spawn is a bad character either. In fact, I'm a Huge spawn fan. I just think that Link will offer more variety gameplay wise than Spawn. Link has both range attacks as well as melee attacks, so he could offer more depth in the game.
Gameboya's Avatar Gameboya 09:20 AM 03-20-2003 - Soul Legend Of Calibur 2 - The Master Sword

oooh yes!! the gamecube ver. is definitely mine. even if it did not have link I still prefer the gamecubes controller over xbox's by 10 fold.
JBlacklow's Avatar JBlacklow 07:22 AM 03-25-2003
Have any of you guys seen the Soul Calibur II Arcade Sticks? I found one at for $39, it looks awesome! I'm seriously thinking of getting it. They have a version for the PS2 and one for the GC, but oddly enough not one for the XBox, but they also sell a PS2->Xbox controller converter. Now to find a way to play the J versions on my US console...
Crown of Iron's Avatar Crown of Iron 05:09 PM 03-26-2003
Is there any way to mod a japanese Dreamcast to play american games??

I want to use my DC to play soul caliber but the system is Japanese!!!!

Any help?
DaGamePimp's Avatar DaGamePimp 06:30 PM 03-26-2003
here you go ...
-- Of course there are other ways too but this should be easy ;) .
--- Jason Berg
LewisD's Avatar LewisD 10:37 PM 03-27-2003
WOW...just picked up Soul Calibur II (X-Box) at my local import shop. UNREAL. Just as good as Soul Calibur (DC), only much more refined, new characters, improved graphics, new costumes, etc.

Anyone who has played Soul Calibur to death can pick this up and go to town, no real learning curve. New moves galore, but I haven't had enough time to explore it.

Extras are plentiful, just like the first one. Impossible to complete extra weapons mode due to the language barrier though. The rest of the game is in English text.

I just have to say that Taki looks even hotter now. Her jiggles put DOA to shame. They even bumpmapped her uh... perkiness...get the idea... :)

DD 5.1 is the best yet for a fighting game. I haven't tryed 720p or widescreen, however I see no options for these in the options menu. Prehaps only the US version will have HD capability...
ECM's Avatar ECM 12:15 AM 03-28-2003
Weird: the Cube rev has a setting in the Options menu for widescreen--do you have 720p and widescreen enabled in the Xbox dashboard?

I'd have gone Xbox, but Spawn can't hang with Link :)

Edit: Apparently you can't play in widescreen when the Xbox rev is in 720p mode.

That sucks.
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