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                02-24-2013, 01:05 PM by AudB
                Purchased the HTR-7065 from Costco a couple of weeks ago. I needed to replace a 12 year old functioning Pioneer VSX-D711 AVR with no HDMI so I could install an Optoma ML500 projector. The Pioneer was an entry level 5.1 with a list price of $365 and I probably paid $180. All this is to say take my review with a grain of salt, however, I really am enjoying the sound of this new Yamaha compared to my Pioneer and feel like I should be impressed with it since it is a step up in price point.

                  01-18-2014, 04:22 PM by Davis Bacon
                  This unit works well enough for the price paid, but there are many issues with the networking and multimedia features.

                  I've had to reset the unit to return proper operations.

                  When playing audio files over network it does not remember last position when powered down.

                  There is no seek or fast forward controls when playing audio.

                  The web console is very limited. It doesn’t provide all the information about the song being played. Accessing folders over a network sh...
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