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Monoprice 6ft Ultra Slim Series High Speed HDMI Cable w/RedMere Technology - Black
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                07-24-2013, 06:16 AM by F8Driver
                There are any number of cable companies that try to sell you premium cables so you're assured the best video and sound. Consider that all digital financial transactions occur over Cat 5 or similar stuff at a few cents a foot. I don't think the trons in my home theater are any different from those flowing into my checking account ... just ones and zeroes. Waste your money on the high-priced stuff if you will (I think the cable retailers want you to spend upwards of 10 percent of your budget on w...
                  08-26-2013, 10:55 PM by Krysm86
                  From now until 9/15/2013 use promo code EMP1155 to get 50+ (bulk) pricing on all Monoprice products. No limit to how many times you can use code.

                  Enjoy the savings!
                    09-21-2013, 12:35 PM by drakeroose
                    I was attracted to it by the extraordinary shape of it even though I tend to hesitate about cheap equipment (don't get me wrong, I'm not too posh for that or something wink.gif I just like to know I'm buying something worth my cash). I needed it for one specific contact and they do good. This is why I can give 3 stars to that. What more can I say, I guess the slim shape is not that universal...
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                    Monoprice 6ft Ultra Slim Series High Speed HDMI Cable w/RedMere Technology - Black

                    Description: A High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere® from Monoprice is the best way to transmit your High Speed HDMI signals over the longest distances, while using the thinnest cables possible! RedMere technology is a breakthrough in the functionality and efficiency of HDMI cables. High Speed HDMI Cables with RedMere can reliably distribute High Speed signals to much greater distances, up to 65 feet (20 meters) at the full 10.2 Gbps data throughput, as opposed to the 25 foot distance for HDMI cables without RedMere technology. This can be done with thinner and lighter cables, which are easier to handle and route through your home theater system and which put less stress on your equipment's HDMI ports. Normally a cable of this length would require minimum 28 AWG conductors to support High Speed HDMI features, but the RedMere chip in this cable allows it to support all High Speed HDMI features with only 36 AWG conductors. The connector heads measure a mere 5/8" wide and 1/4" thick. The connector head at the source is only 9/16" long, while the connector head at the sink (TV), which houses the RedMere chip, is only 13/16" long. Note that HDMI Cables with RedMere are directional. One end must be connected to the source device (e.g., blu-ray player) and the other end to the sink/display (e.g., HDTV). Hooking them up backwards will not damage anything, they just won't transmit a signal. Also note that these cables are fully compatible with switches, splitters, matrix devices, etc. They can be used in any application in which a normal HDMI cable can be used and many applications where HDMI extenders would otherwise be required!


                    Detail Value
                    Brand Monoprice
                    EAN 0844660098898
                    Feature 1080p Resolution - This High Speed HDMI Cable has sufficient bandwidth to transfer 1080p video signals between 1080p rated source and sink (display) devices.
                    HDMI Ethernet Channel - The HDMI Ethernet Channel provides 100 Mbps, full-duplex Ethernet traffic along the HDMI cable, allowing a wired or wireless Ethernet connection on one device to be propagated to other devices. Note that for this feature to be functional, all pieces of equipment between the Ethernet source and the destination must support the HDMI Ethernet Channel feature.
                    D - 3D is the latest rage for both home theater and gaming. A High Speed HDMI Cable is capable of handling the high bandwidth requirements of 3D signals.
                    High Definition Audio - HDMI supports a full range of high definition audio types, including SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master AudioTM, and Dolby TrueHDTM
                    Audio Return Channel - Normally, your HDMI cable carries audio information along with the video from a source device (e.g. blu-ray player) to the sink device (display/television). Often times this goes through an AV receiver to drive a home theater audio system. The Audio Return Channel is primarily used to send the audio signal generated by the television when its internal tuner is used, back to the AV receiver, so that you can use your home theater audio system when watching television signals.
                    Item Height 0.8 inches
                    Item Length 6.4 inches
                    Item Width 5.8 inches
                    Label Monoprice
                    Manufacturer Monoprice
                    MPN MPREDM-6ft-36B
                    PackageQuantity 1
                    PartNumber MPREDM-6ft-36B
                    ProductGroup Single Detail Page Misc
                    ProductTypeName MISC_OTHER
                    Publisher Monoprice
                    Studio Monoprice
                    Title Monoprice 6ft Ultra Slim Series High Speed HDMI Cable w/RedMere Technology - Black
                    UPC 844660098898
                    UPCList - UPCListElement 844660098898
                    Item Weight 0.1 pounds
                    CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement 9889 - 53
                    Model 109889