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Oppo bdp-105 - Audiocom Reference
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                11-04-2013, 09:21 PM by rob6186

                Like a soup-up 500hp BMW on slick vs a Factory Porsche 911, which one will kick ass more? That's my impression of Audiocom Oppo 105 Reference vs some of the mega $ cdp out there!
                My listening usage is more HT now but I had my days with 2ch, AN CDT2 MKII transport, DAC3.1Sig fitted with Telefunken ECC802s tubes (best 6922 tube period, cost me $300 each) & upgrade BG-n caps, Lamm LL2 tube pre, Symphonic Line amp, ProAc2.5 Spk, Hydra 2 for pre Hydra 4 for source & dedicated line for...

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