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Big detailed sound! Edit
by cphillips82 Combined Rating: 5.0
I got a great deal on these from who were great to deal with. These replaced tsi500's in my 5.1 HT setup. The difference between these and the tsi's are night and day....
Pros Cons
  • HT and music, great bass, less bright than tsi series
  • none
I got a great deal on these from who were great to deal with. These replaced tsi500's in my 5.1 HT setup. The difference between these and the tsi's are night and day. The detail is amazing and they put out so much beautiful sound effortlessly. There are so many comments out there about the rti's being very bright/forward but i was pleasantly surprised to find them much more laid back when compared to the tsi's. I have these running off an Onkyo 809 and they sound fantastic -- full sound at all volume levels. I will think about adding an external amp at some point but given how great they sound now im unsure of how much improvement i would get. For HT I'm crossing them over at 50hz but for music it really does sound great to run them full band/range and turn the sub right off (for me an HSU stf-2). LOVIN' these bad boys!
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Geoff4RFC 07-25-2013, 02:46 PM

Hey there cphillips, curious if you ever got power on your 9's. Did you ever go more power than the XPA-3? I also run mine full band for music, and putting an XPA-2 made a difference over the XPA-3 for me, it seemed to smooth the top end. My next venture is to acquire a 2nd XPA-2 and use them in bridge mode as mono blocks. That will give the 9's 860w each.

Soumya Maitra 12-13-2012, 02:24 AM

Hi all
Sorry to jump into
Actually I was also trying to bring RTi A5 but thinking about the high notes.
Can you guys suggest whether I go and get it and any way to improve the highs ?

SRTer 06-25-2012, 08:45 PM

Well, he never brought it over. He said he would but never did. So I stopped asking. I will put some power on these babies soon enough. Maybe this year if Emo has a July sale like they have been known to do.

Also, with all the negative comment about Emo on the Polk board, I might just aim a bit higher in cost for a 300 watt amp by a company the has a bit more prestige. I would like a another Adcom or a Carver, and maybe a Wyred4Sound ICE amp.

We will see how the money flow is. I also want a Vette this year. I have more wants than money.

cphillips82 06-24-2012, 11:41 PM

SRTer, I just saw in a Polk thread that you were going to try out a neighbors Emotiva with your rti setup but I didnt see what kind of results you had. Did you try it out and what did you think?

SRTer 06-24-2012, 06:37 PM

You will be pleased with the amp. Also, Seth89, you are right. I hate the gray plastic as well. Plus, I would like a beter tweeter. Nevertheless, I still like the dual 5.25 inch ids and three 7 inch woofers. These speakers outright fill the room with impactful sound when you run them full range with some decent power.

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