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Great receiver! Edit
by JakeRobb Combined Rating: 4.2
I've been an A/V enthusiast for many years, but May 2012 was the first time in my life that I've had the means to buy anything nice. I did some research and found that AVS seemed to be the best...
Pros Cons
  • Easy setup, nice GUI, great Denon sound
  • Tough to justify the price difference over a 2113ci, still waiting on the official Android remote control app.
I've been an A/V enthusiast for many years, but May 2012 was the first time in my life that I've had the means to buy anything nice. I did some research and found that AVS seemed to be the best community of experts and enthusiasts to help me make my decision. So, I joined, started reading, and started asking questions.

I had two main motivations:

1. I wanted an HDMI receiver.

All of my source devices can do HDMI, and my TV does HDMI, but I was still using a receiver that only had component video. After my Blu-Ray player failed, I bought a new one that had HDMI only, no component, which necessitated an HDMI receiver. So began the search for a replacement.

2. I wanted to set up a second audio zone on my new deck.

Outdoor music is awesome. Need I say more?

In addition to those criteria, I also wanted a receiver that could do AirPlay and DLNA. I've been a Denon fan since I was a kid (thanks Dad!), so I easily narrowed my options down to the 1912, 2112, and 2312. I considered the 3312 as well, but determined that it was beyond my budget and didn't offer much that I wanted for the extra cost. Then I learned of the Zone 2 + AirPlay issues with the xx12 receivers and began to second-guess myself. This was in May 2012, and I quickly learned that the xx13 models were imminent. Hoping that these models would resolve the Zone 2 + AirPlay issue, I closed my wallet and waited.

The wait was worth it: now I had three new options: the 1913, 2113, and 2313. I again briefly considered the 3313 but opted out based on price. Next, I excluded the 1913 based on the lack of MultEQ XT. Bonus: the 2113 and 2313 have the better warranty and a few other minor advantages.

The 2113 and 2313 are VERY similar receivers, and the price difference is substantial -- almost 50% more for the 2313 when I bought mine. The 2313 has a few more legacy inputs, but I'll probably never use them. It has a discrete power cable, which is nice but certainly not worth $250-300. The amplifiers are about 10% more powerful, but again not worth it by itself. Finally, it has a 12v trigger output -- a seemingly tiny difference, but I like to dream of the future, and home integration has huge appeal to me. I don't know what, if anything, I would ever plug in, but not having that ability was a pretty big deal to me. Combined with the other small differences, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the 2313ci. That said, I think that I would have been perfectly happy for many years with a 2113, and I assume that the majority of my review applies to that model as well. I assume that if I had waited several months, the street price of the 2313ci would have fallen significantly based on how similar it is to the 2113, but I was not willing to wait.

Now, on to the AVR itself:

The Denon 2313ci connected easily. Like I do with any new device, the first thing I did was explore the setup menu. I quickly found a firmware update and installed it before running Audyssey, which caught that I had wired one of my surrounds out of phase. Nice!

Things I love about the 2313ci:
* Easy setup
* GUI is nice, especially that it overlays on any content
* Plenty powerful for a not-over-the-top living room A/V setup
* Lots of extra inputs and outputs so I can be confident it will serve my needs for many years
* It's black and doesn't have any bright lights on the front, so it disappears like any HT component should. (I'm coming from a silver Onkyo)
* Remote web- or phone-based control
* Large community of smart, friendly people familiar with it and its cousins, so it's easy to get help if I need it

* MultEQ XT only let me sample 6 positions instead of the advertised 8. This is affecting more than just me, and apparently if I go back and run it again without using the Auto Setup Wizard, it'll let me do eight. Some people are working with Denon to resolve this issue, but I struggled to find a sixth position, so I'm content with what I have already.
* I would love to have paid $150-200 less for it
* The official Android remote control app has not yet been released (as of July 6, 2012). There is a decent third-party app by Andreas Pillath called AVR-Remote which gets the job done in most cases, but it lacks the polish of the iOS app.

In the long run, all of my cons will wash out. Denon will surely release a firmware update to fix the MultEQ XT issue, the street price will come down, and the official Android app will get released eventually. All that will leave is an excellent 2-zone receiver.
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e08 04-28-2013, 09:35 AM

Thank you for thoughts. It's good to hear from non-reviewers about these products, and you wrote some helpful info.


Rick Son 12-08-2012, 02:47 PM

And they knew about the problems!

Rick Son 12-08-2012, 02:47 PM

just gave one away, no more Dennon for me...Power scource bad over 200.00 to fix and it has to go to a subcontracted repair person and they are the only ones that can buy Dennon parts.Guess i'll go Yamaha this time all i need is the aplifier no fm am crap.Dennon blows chunks!

rec head 07-08-2012, 06:58 AM

If you were struggling to find a 6th position for Audyssey setup you should check this out

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