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"The wife mode" for your system Edit
by PleasantSounds Combined Rating: 4.0
After setting up a system consisting of 6 devices in my lounge, I was the only person in the house that could operate it. As you can imagine, that has created a lot of tension and brought me to the...
Pros Cons
  • Drives any IR device, supports sequences of commands, looks good
  • Touchscreen not ideal for some remote functions
After setting up a system consisting of 6 devices in my lounge, I was the only person in the house that could operate it. As you can imagine, that has created a lot of tension and brought me to the brink of divorce. This little box has saved my marriage smile.gif

Initially I was looking for something simpler, but have found an offer for the 1100 that was too good to pass, so ended up getting it knowing not much more than it is supposedly "top of the range" universal remote.

The setup was simple, once I managed to install the supplied application on your PC. From that perspective the fact that it takes forever to charge it initially is not necessarily a bad thing - at least it doesn't slow you down that much. The version supplied on a CD has not even launched the installation wizard properly. Downloading an update from the Logitech website, disabling virus checker and logging in as the administrator has eventually worked - that's my experience under Win7/64. Then I tried on an XP laptop and it worked fine at the first attempt. Go figure...

But back to the setup. The first step is to identify all the devices in your system. To do that you have to enter make and model information for all of them. For 5 out of 6 of my boxes that was all I had to do, but the Sony DVD recorder that I have has not been recognized. For situations like this the 1100 has a learning mode: you take the original remote, place it opposite the 1100 and press a series of buttons as instructed on screen. It has worked for me just fine.

The next step is to define the commonly used command sequences, for example to "watch cable tv" or "listen to radio". These eventually become icons on the remote screen and when you touch them all the commands necessary for your system are executed automatically. To get there the software prompts you for all the essential parameters like what input your TV has to be on. All I had to do was answer these questions and the software did the rest of the work and configured the remote. There are further fine-tuning possibilities there like ability to specify delay between commands, but I never needed to use them.

So how does it perform? To me it's pretty good in hiding the complexity of the AV system from the family members who "only want to watch the damned TV", but for some operations I find myself still reaching for the original remotes. To give you an example: the fast forward operation is supported by the on-screen buttons. You press it and wait. After a few seconds the screen times out and goes blank - you need to touch the screen to wake it up and only then the Start button will work. By then the program has forwarded too far and you need to reverse... You also can't put your finger on the start button in advance and press it when needed: as soon as you touch the on-screen control, it is activated. If that bothers you, then Harmony One would be a better choice.

All functions of the original remotes are supported through the on-screen controls, however finding them is not always easy: my AV receiver's remote is substituted by 7 pages full of buttons, and the layout is not retained. Also, when you get to that level, there is no obvious way to get back to the standard menu. Looks like a programming oversight, but to be honest I haven't tried really hard.

I don't pretend to be an expert in universal remotes: I have never used them before, nor made the effort to learn the 1100 inside-out. This is just an ordinary first time user's experience, and yours may be different. This remote certainly looks better than most on your coffee table and attracts a lot of attention from the visitors. It may not be the most practical one though.
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