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Very happy so far! Edit
by infuriatedrain Combined Rating: 4.2
I bought this center channel speaker about a month ago after reading some information on They had listed this as the #1 center channel speaker to buy for 2012. I had an extremely...
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  • Heighth doesn't block TV, several drivers, hits high frequencies great
  • Doesn't hit too low of frequencies, have to sit in front of it almost directly
I bought this center channel speaker about a month ago after reading some information on They had listed this as the #1 center channel speaker to buy for 2012. I had an extremely difficult time choosing between this, the Yamaha NS-444, or the Polk C20. Obviously, I ended up going with this one, and for a couple of reasons:
1)As the site mentions, this speaker has a great frequency range, more impressively on the high end. As it says, lower frequency sounds should be covered by a subwoofer anyway, which I found to make sense and
2) this speaker is big, but the height was perfect for me. I prefer to have my center channel on my entertainment center in front of my HDTV. Therefore, I have only about 6.5 inches to work with, otherwise the speaker would block the screen. I really didn't want to have to mount a speaker to the ceiling, wall behind the TV, etc.

I also thought that having 4 small woofers, along with the tweeter in the center, all together would create a very rich and dynamic sound. After receiving and hooking it up, I must say it really does. I have a hearing deficit, thus I've always had a very difficult time hearing dialogue in movies. I would end up cranking the volume and cranking the level going to the center channel, which I felt I shouldn't have to do, just to hear what people were saying. After hooking this up, wow... I ended up turning the center channel level down to half of what I had it at, and really I still find it quite loud, sometimes TOO loud, at times. ( I think it is just the receiver that I have, Yamaha RX-V371, that I have to turn the center channel level up. I have heard of others with this issue ).

I went to my usual movies to test this bad boy out. First was Saving Private Ryan. Instantly, I noticed a huge difference. There were bullets, voices, sounds, etc there that I never heard before from my previous center channel. I never really noticed how important and how large of a percentage of the soundtrack comes from the center channel until plugging this in. Next up, The Dark Knight. Same as before, there was dialogue and sound effects there that I never had noticed before.

My only complaint is: it seems that I have to sit directly in front of this speaker to really benefit from the sounds. If I sit off to the side of it, there is a noticeable sound difference (and perhaps this is the case with most/all center channel speakers). Not a big deal, but can be inconvenient at times, like if I want to lay down while watching something.

I will say, I often keep looking at the NS-444 because it has 2 much larger woofers and can cover deeper frequencies. As said before, I know my subwoofer should hit those lower notes, but it does make me wonder how much and if better movies would sound going with a much larger center with larger woofers. I may in the future try to test this out, but for now I am happy enough with my purchase and would happily recommend it to anyone! I have this paired with the NS-333's for fronts and it sounds incredible. I really can't wait until i can afford to purchase the NS-777's to compliment this speaker!
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