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Not impressed- very buggy Edit
by jp3848 Combined Rating: 3.0
I've owned this player for about 4 months now. The player plays 2D just fine, but for some reason has to be reset (unplugged/replugged) every now and again because it doesn't respond at all when...
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  • 2D & Sound are excellent
  • Occasionally unresponsive & needs to be unplugged. Some 3D movies are unwatchable
I've owned this player for about 4 months now. The player plays 2D just fine, but for some reason has to be reset (unplugged/replugged) every now and again because it doesn't respond at all when attempting to turn it on.

We just bought a 3D TV about a month ago, this is when I started to notice an additional flaw with this unit. Certain 3D movies are practically unwatchable due to what seems to be a decoding issue. The moving images are extremely blurry and the whole 3D effect seems very messy (namely Prometheus, Ice Age 3D, Dolphin Tale). My other 3D movies seem to play ok. After confirming I had the latest firmware, I contacted Yamaha & received a response basically telling me it was a problem with my TV settings. I then went to Best Buy & Bought a cheap ($100) Sony 3D BluRay player just to test & it worked perfectly straight out of the box on all the movies listed above. I have communicated this back to Yamaha & am awaiting a response.
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MixManSC 01-23-2014, 05:14 AM

Another smallish update for any who might care.... I installed the update on my Yamaha. Last night I popped in Prometheus 3D which was totally unwatchable in 3D before on my Yamaha. Looks perfect now. I have not tried any others yet but will be giving Life of Pi and others another try soon. I'm glad Yamaha finally listened to the complaints, stepped up to the plate and released a new firmware. They were a bit slow about it but at least they finally did. I was right on the edge of giving up on it too.

MixManSC 01-21-2014, 06:58 AM

Actually just looked - the BD-S473 (673, etc) have new firmware dated 11/25/2013 which is fairly recent and might very well fix the 3D issues. The BD-A1020 has new firmware as of January 16, 2014.

MixManSC 01-21-2014, 06:36 AM

Update!! I have been going back and forth with someone at Yamaha support "Keith M". Gave him all sorts of links and info regarding the problems. The last firmware update for the BRX-610 was in 2012, lo and behold they just released a new firmware for the unit. Specifically to fix problems with certain 3D Blu-Ray movies! Amazingly they actually listened and the guy got my information to someone in engineering who matters. I'd check to see if they possibly have updated the firmware for some of their other Blu-Ray players.

jp3848 01-02-2014, 09:15 AM

Yamaha support is useless. They claim they can't replicate the issue & they see no difference when they test their player against the Sony (which I call BS).

MixManSC 01-02-2014, 09:01 AM

Their BRX-610 (slim HTIB style receiver with built in Blu-Ray) also has the exact same issue. Some 3D movies are fine, some are unwatchable. This is a known issue that has affected a few brands like Philips as well. This thing is, Philips released a firmware update that fixed it. The BRX-610 is still a current product yet its firmware is over a year old. I have very limited space in the room I use this in which why I went with a HTIB style receiver with a built in player. I specifically went with the $450 Yamaha because I assumed it would be better than the $59 LG Blu Ray player in the other room which plays all 3D movies just fine. I can confirm that Ice Age, Life of Pi, Prometheus, and Rio are all unwatchable on the Yamaha. It's not the TV or the disc, connecting the cheapo player from downstairs to the same TV and the same movies play fine.

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