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The amazing RF-7II's (and RC64 II center) Edit
by DrMJ Combined Rating: 4.4
Purchased a pair of A-stock black Klipsch RF7 II's and a black RC64 II, and a Marantz SR7007 from Acoustic sound designs. After researching and listening to other various models of speakers (at...
Pros Cons
  • Tight bass, crisp highs, amazing depth. Look bad ass in black
  • F***in heavy. Binding posts that bridge the two sets of 4 connectors in back are a bit clumsy for me. Just make sure to dble check connection
Purchased a pair of A-stock black Klipsch RF7 II's and a black RC64 II, and a Marantz SR7007 from Acoustic sound designs. After researching and listening to other various models of speakers (at Frys, best buy, Magnolia's) I was completely blown away with the performance of the reference series from Klipsch. My favorite demonstration was at Frys in San Diego where I had the sound room to myself and an employee. I normally dont listen to techno/house, but he put in some Cranked it up. I almst went with the RF82's, they are very impressive, super crisp and clean, but choose to go with RF7s because the mids of the beat just hit my chest harder. Gave me goose bumps. Destroyed every Polk line in the store, even DF's in my opinion. BW's (forgot model CM##) just didnt have the kick, but were comparably crisp. Didnt hear the center before the purchase, only listened to the RC62 II. I went with the 64 just based off reviews on AVS forum. Now everything is set up with the Marantz SR7007, for now Im biamping L/Rs cause I dont have surrounds or sub yet. Amazing kick and clarity. Will review the SR7007 in more detail elsewhere but highly recommend it. I have one of the best Samsungs UN55C9000 series LEDs picture looks great, but after running the marantz off it, wow clearly notice difference. Internet connection fast, works instantly every try so far. Blareing Metallica "blackened" off Serius XM radio fu**in shook the walls. my god, may have to put off the sub purchase cause musically Im quite impressed already. Jazz, reggae, and electronic all sound clean. M83 played off my PS3 sounds amazing.

Highly recommend purchasing at Acoustic sound design ( Mike was quick and too the point through the purchase process. Cut to the chase and gave me the lowest price possible that outbeat everywhere I researched. Way under Frys which even had a 20% off sale on Klipsch products. To throw it all in I mentioned I needed an AVR, he cut my a huge discount on the newly released SR7007 from Marantz. Couldnt believe it. SOLD. For everything 4k out the door. done, with pleasure. Ordered it over the phone, within 5 min emailed me a receipt, gave me the option of getting A stock, or B-stock, open box, and the associated price differences between them. Very open and to the point. 2 days later I got a call from shipper and scheduled a next day delivery, so 3 days after purchase they were all brought to my garage on a wooden palate carefully wrapped. All in impeccable shape. Pain in the *** to move, had to rent a dolly. But it was worth it. Complain cause I have a slipped L5/S1. Install was quick and simple. After connecting and finishing auddessy. amazing. Thank you Mike. Will continue to purchase all my audio gear through Acoustic sound design for the future. No complaints, completely happy. Not sure my neighbors will be though.
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DrMJ 01-07-2013, 07:45 PM

Go to do it.

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