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Toshiba 32C120U 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV performance/price value Edit
by tubetwister Combined Rating: 4.1
Toshiba 32C120U LCD great picture vibrant color,good black level,contrast,one of the best 32"sets I found after comparing /viewing quite a few sets ,some costing quite a bit more. The 32C120U ...
Pros Cons
  • Picture quality ,Good color,contrast,detail,brightness at a budget price
  • No headphone jack ,only 2 HDMI inputs, some of the remote buttons very small .
Toshiba 32C120U LCD great picture vibrant color,good black level,contrast,one of the best 32"sets I found after comparing /viewing quite a few sets ,some costing quite a bit more. The 32C120U Dish network HD , OTA HD,Blue Ray/Upscaled DVD ,Netflix HD and PS3 picture is excellent.. Standard def signal does not begin to show it's capabilities.

This is a 2012 model there are still some around they are usually selling at higher prices now even at that it is still an excellent set .
While it is not a Wi - Fi internet capable smart set it makes up for that in picture quality . A Roku,PS3 ,or WiFI Blue Ray player , PC ,etc, or even a $35.00 Chromecast USB stick and a compatible device will take care of that . The set has a 2nd HDMI port for connectivity and a USB port to provide USB power for the Chrome Cast.

I bought this 720p Toshiba 32C120U for a second set very good picture for $229.95 at Best Buy (For many it is good enough as a first set .) I was looking for a 32" for about $300-$400.00 I would recommend this to a friend ! Other thing is Toshiba is first tier brand not some unknown , clone brand or discount store brand.

IMO excellent performance to price value I can tell you when you take it out of store mode (torch mode ) when you first get it adjust it decently or /calibrate it and set the back light it has a very good picture . .

You Tube,Netflix and web content consumption are good on this fun for web surfing on A PC via the VGA in .Better PQ from a PC or PS3 is offered through a 2nd HDMI port .
You can use 1366x768 or 1920x 1080from a PC via the VGA input Best results are from a PC / HDMI port to TV w/ HDMI set to 1920x1080 same for PS3 . Hook it up to a Roku 50~ bucks and you have smart set. It has ATSC,NTSC,and QAM tuners if needed Dish network HD , OTA HD,Blue Ray/Upscaled DVD are excellent as well.

Compared it side by side to similar priced $250 -$300.00 + ~Insignia,Vizio,Sony,
LG and Samsung models LCD and LED . All were 720p sets except one of the Insignia sets.

IMO The Toshiba P.Q.was best all except The similar Sammy and Sony. The Toshiba and Sammy were equal or very close though. Not to say the LG and Vizeo were bad they weren't. they were very close however IMO the Toshiba had a slight edge on P.Q..color and detail over all but the Sammy and Sony. The Sony was the best but priced accordingly. The Toshiba is good for any HD viewing Movies ,TV ,B/Ray ,DVD.OTA or Sat /Cable .
also good as a second large display PC monitor. As a primary PC monitor for other than gaming a 1080p set would be a better choice. For Gaming it would be fine.
Keep in mind these comparisons were in store conditions at store settings

Cnet gave this set a very favorable review after comparison, lab calibration and evaluation they also published their recommended calibration settings .
Google cnet Toshiba 32C120U review also look at their recommended settings .

F.W.I.W.  Televisioninfo .com web site  measured post calibration  max  peak white on the Toshiba at 361.48 cd/m2 and black at 0.08 cd/m2 potentials arriving at static contrast measure of  4519  that makes it able to provide a very bright decent picture in daylight if needed. 

Toshiba LCD/LED first and most important thing when you first turn it on is take it out of store mode, Then turn energy saver option OFF! similar thing should apply to any modern set see below. I also have a new 50" Plasma along with a new Toshiba bought them together at BB. I had to do this on both sets . Both have excellent pictures .

************* Energy Saver Settings ***************************very important for a decent picture ************
Immediately go to the MENU then PREFERENCE SUB MENU (third icon from left ),scroll all the way down to ENERGY SAVER SETTINGS it is hidden way on the bottom below the rezza link , Then turn the Auto brightness sensor OFF (default setting is on ) otherwise the picture will be DARK no matter what, then go back into PICTURE MENU turn off Dynalight then ADVANCED PICTURE SUB MENU and turn dynamic contrast TO LOW OR OFF I have my back light set at 80 I like a bright picture some may like back light at 60 or maybe even 90 . Turning off the energy setting is the key it is probably only there so they can get the energy saver label .. Thankfully they left the option to turn it off.

**** Try these additional settings then see how you like it! these are my preferred uncalibrated adjusted settings *********
Calibrated settings are available at Cnet .
****** Picture Menu*******

Picture Mode Preference
Contrast 50 to 70
Backlight 80 to 95
Dynalight OFF
Brightness 55
Color 47
Tint 6
Sharpness 10
Noise reduction sub menu settings

Dynamic Contrast LOW
Static Gamma 0 to 3
Color temp Warm
These setting should get you a very good picture of course you can and should adjust to your preference .These settings are my preference and not calibrated for calibrated settings see the cnet review.

This TV is capable of a Nice Bright detailed picture with good blacks bright whites,vivid color
at a no brainer price!


ATSC,NTSC,and QAM tuners
Screen Size
32" Class (31.5" Diag.)
Recommended Resolution
Maximum Resolution
1366 x 768
Aspect Ratio
Refresh Rate

Audio 7W + 7W

Power Consumption 63 W

Backlight System

Vesa mtg 200mm x 200mm

Weight With Stand 19.8 lbs.
Weight Without Stand 18.3 lbs.

Limited Warranty period (parts): 1 year
Limited Warranty period (labor): 1 year

PC Input 15-pin D-sub x 1
Component Video 1in + shared composite video 1 in
Digital Audio 1 out
Analog Audio 1 In / 1 Out
75 Ω Coax in for Cable or OTA


Game mode :
Enhances the gaming experience by reducing game controller delay.

It helps with gaming it works well bypasses unneeded processing.

USB port
USB for photo viewing or Mp3 audio or firmware updates

Automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.
I prefer it off but it can add some 'pop' to color on certain scenes

Dynamic picture mode :
high brightness high color saturation high contrast setting
can be useful in very a bright room

Dynamic contrast :
usefull in a bright room

Picture size adjustments
Theater Wide 1, 2 and 3

Audyssey Premium Television audio pre set 1

Setup :
Was easy take out of store mode you can either use the provided picture modes
Dynamic,standard,movie, or set the preference mode either with calibration
or to visual preference . I alternate between adjusted preference settingsand Dynamic mode

Remote is typical of Budget sets buttons are rubber however some are too small to my liking but the most used ones are OK sensibly located and have some tactile feel.
Remote is not hard to use or learn.

Menu is simple and fairly intuative it has 5 catagory icons to help navigate the settings
catagorys are are sound,preferencees,locks (parental controls and game timer settings )
and settings icons .
Picture menu has 7 adjustments including backight setting.
Advanced picture menuu has Dynamic contrast ,color temp.settings and static gamma adj.

Performance , black levels contrast/brightness and color are good
picture detail is good you can see different shades of black/grey in clothing on the same person for instance if they are wearing two diferent items of black clothing same with whites ,cloud details etc.
flesh tones are natural set has good color bright detailed picture .
on bright scenes and handles OTA 1080i and hdmi 1080p/720p well.
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blade053 03-02-2013, 01:48 PM

I bought this HDTV yesterday and the PQ is amazing for the price ($219.00) at Best Buy

Picture Menu:
Picture mode: Preference

-- Picture settings menu:
Contrast: 80
Backlight: 47
Dynalight: On
Brightness: 55
Color: 47
Tint: -10
Sharpness: 4

Advanced Picture Settings submenu:
Dynamic Contrast: Off
Static Gamma: 3
Color Temperature: Warm
-- B Drive: -12
-- G Drive: -2
Cinema Mode: [grayed out]

Noise reduction menu:
DNR: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off

Game Mode: Off

Theater Settings menu:
Picture Size: Native
Picture Scroll: [grayed out]Auto Aspect Ratio: Off

Color Accuracy:
Black Levels:
Video Quality:
Ease of Setup:
The Film / Movie:
Audio Quality:
Special Features:
Ease of Use: