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Vizio E601i-A3 LED-LCD HDTV Edit
by Umpire20 Combined Rating: 4.9
I purchased this TV on 11/21/12 and it was in stock. Although I wasn't able to get a Black Friday-type price, Amazon did have a brief price change on its site. It went from high to lower and back...
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  • Great picture, excellent colors, thin, edge-to-edge viewing
  • Remote control is not universal
I purchased this TV on 11/21/12 and it was in stock. Although I wasn't able to get a Black Friday-type price, Amazon did have a brief price change on its site. It went from high to lower and back to high again. I contacted Amazon to ask about their price-matching because I saw a lower price at a "discount club." Initially the rep said I did not qualify since Amazon had to add the club membership of $40 to the club price. That would have brought it back very close to Amazon's price. We ended the call and within two minutes the rep called me back. He realized that Amazon had made the price change I mentioned above and said I DID qualify. He issued a credit to my account which was reflected within 24 hours. I also got Amazon's 2% bonus credited to me "for use on a future purchase."

Shipping & Delivery

As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I was offered delivery on 11/28. Since Amazon also offered "white glove" delivery, with a scheduled date & time, I opted for it. My TV was delivered on 12/1. Although the delivery was about one hour late, I was still satisfied with it.

Wall Mount

I opted for a PID 4174 wall mount from (less than $30.00). It is a flush mount that can tilt some 15 degrees. With the TV mounted, the front bezel is 4 inches from the wall. This is one sturdy mount. With a little help from the Mrs, it was installed with TV hanging in about 45 minutes.

Remote Control

The remote is quite good for operating the TV and all the "smart" applications. It has a full keyboard on the back side. Remember to keep it pointed at the lower-left corner of the TV. And keep in mind that it can't control anything other than the TV. If you want to control your satellite of cable box, AV receiver, soundbar, etc., you will need a different remote. I use a Harmony Remote and it does the job very well.


I have played with the picture settings to find those that are ideal to me. I have mine set pretty well, but I am still experimenting with them. The quality of the picture and the colors etc. are just GREAT. I've heard many people complain about the colors, but mine are all anyone could ask for.


I was okay with the sound from the TV speakers, but I certainly recognize that there are many better options. Having rear-facing speakers dampens whatever comes out of them. As a result, I added a soundbar to my setup. I am using the Vizio SB4021M-A1. It requires one optical connection and a power connection. Now everything sounds GREAT.


In addition to the SB4021M-A1 soundbar, I also have a Samsung BD-EM57C Blu-ray player attached to the TV. I opted to use HDMI ports 3 and 4 for my connections. (Some people had difficulty using HDMI 1 due to its ARC feature and thought it was possibly their lip sync problem too.)


Many people have complained about getting the BSOD (black screen of death), which led to repairs and or replacement of the TV. I have not had such a problem. I have had a few lip-sync issues, but the more I watch and pay attention, it appears to be a particular program on a particular network rather than a TV issue. As a result, I have no complaint. I should add that I have the same lip-sync issue (one channel, one program) on an older Sharp 37" TV in another room.


I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone looking for a 60" flat screen. This TV replaced a Samsung 56" DLP set that was about seven years old. The picture quality is hands down better on the Vizio than it was on the Samsung.

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ESantos 07-25-2013, 02:40 PM

Bought this TV in January 2013 for $888.00 at Best Buy. I had it wall mounted by the Geek Squad and they did a great job - every clean installation. This TV went in our master bedroom and watching it from our bed is an awesome experience. I love getting up in the morning and having my coffee in bed while I watch the news and weather. Martha MacCallum never looked better.

Great black level and color is spot on after calibrating with the Disney WOW disk. I agree the sound is okay for general viewing but lacks depth for movies. I also added the Vizio sound bar with subwoofer and it is a big improvement.

I don't use the Smart TV feature much but I get good connectivity with Netflix and Amazon. I also pared this with a Panny Blu-Ray and the picture quality is outstanding.

Initially when I first got the TV I noticed occasional power downs. Could never predict when it would happen and it was not frequent enough to be a real annoyance but it was concerning me. Then the TV did an automatic firmware update and the issue seems to have been resolved.

I love this TV. I would recommend it to anyone who wants huge performance and bang for the buck. I don't think you can get a better TV for around $1K.

wdarden 03-11-2013, 02:34 AM

For the time being, we have used the standard settings while viewing "live" and time shifted content on DirecTv. From Vizo's bulletin, what specific video component is failing? and why?

p5browne 03-10-2013, 09:02 PM

Being Sidelit, how was the Flashlighting Problem and were the Blacks Black, or just very Dark Gray in the Side or Top Bar areas? 10 Point, 2 Point and CMS calibrations available? Or, just the Standard Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Colour and Tint?

wdarden 03-10-2013, 09:10 AM

I braved the crowds at Walmart on Black Thursday by going in three hours before it went on sale. It was a good thing I did because the store had only 22 available and I was number 17. Within minutes the other five were taken. Aside from the $688 price, the reason I selected this set over a Panasonic TC-P60U50 was the glare and reflections in the screen during the day. I did not have a high expectation on the picture quality or reliability. I was pleasantly surprised with the picture quality and only time will tell about the reliability.

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