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Still going after 2 years! Edit
by thirdgenlude Combined Rating: 4.0
I picked this projector due to the price at the time, and the price really hasn't dropped much since then. This unit is now available for around $1000 (although I'm sure better deals are out...
Pros Cons
  • Large image for short throw, picture quality, price.
  • Flicker when in Eco mode, louder fan noise when not in Eco mode.
I picked this projector due to the price at the time, and the price really hasn't dropped much since then. This unit is now available for around $1000 (although I'm sure better deals are out there), and I paid maybe $150 more than that, which says a lot for how popular this projector remains after what is an eternity in "technology years."

I have a ceiling mounted installation, and with the Projector Gear ceiling mount, it was a breeze to put together. Because I wanted to have the projector centered in the room, then lens shift was important to me. It works great, but once the horizontal and vertical dials reach their limits, they can be knocked out of place when the lens itself is adjusted, making it a little bit of a pain to get everything perfect. As mine sits, the image is pretty square with the screen, with the left-lower corner being "in" a little. A keystone option would be nice, but at this price range, I'm not complaining; as long as the image is the width of the screen, you can't tell it's not exactly square.

I have this projector paired with a Jamestown custom 117" screen (highly recommend these guys, although my screen was built during the natural disasters of 2011, so they had to rush to get it to me in time, so the construction of some of the pieces had to be modified a little), and the image quality has not ceased to amaze anyone we have had over. Some friends of ours have a very nice, high end Samsung, and they feel that the image this projector produces is every bit as sharp and detailed. Of course, black levels are not as strong as they could be, but this isn't a bother to me -especially at this price point- and no one has complained yet. There is an Auto-Iris feature that lightens and darkens the image based on the action in any given scene, and there are different settings for it -"normal" and "fast" I believe- which work pretty well, but the noise from the iris can be very noticeable, especially during quiet scenes.

It seems that I am the only person on the planet who has encountered this, but after several hours in Eco mode, the image will flicker from light to dark. This has nothing to do with having the Auto-Iris feature enabled, as I always have it disabled, and I can't say whether it has to do with the lamp either, although it has done this for the last 1200 hours at least. The remedy has been to switch the power consumption mode to Normal, which produces a slightly brighter image and a little more fan noise (the projector is VERY quiet in Eco mode), and after a few hours of viewing in this mode, the projector can be switched back to Eco mode for several hours flicker-free. Again, I am the only person I know of who has had this issue.

When I first received the projector, I was only able to use it for about 14 hours before the lamp popped and I had to wait somewhere around 10 days for a replacement as they were back-ordered at the time, but the process for replacement and return was pretty simple. The customer service I received was not terrible, but I remember the departments not being well in sync or being able to tell me when my lamp would arrive - it just magically arrived one day. My new lamp has nearly 2000 hours on it now, and with the advertised 4000 hour lamp life, I am really hoping that this one will last until passive 3D technology is available in this price range for projectors. The image brightness does not seem to have deteriorated, so I believe this could happen.

All in all, I am very pleased with this, my first projector purchase. For the money, this unit has terrific functionality and features, and will definitely impress!
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ikkuranus 05-13-2013, 05:01 AM

My optoma hd20 has the flickering problem but I left it out of the review as I always assumed it was from using the lamp way longer then the 3000-4000 hours that it is listed at. Hopefully that issue disappears when i change lamps.

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