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Tiny Foot Print, Big on Features Edit
by digitalDee Combined Rating: 3.6

Built in Digital Tuner which is great for watching regular TV without the need of an additional set top box
20000 hour led bulb that will probably outlast the projector.
Pros Cons
  • Size, Long lasting LED bulb, ATSC Tuner, Connections,carrying case,plenty of cables,wifi dongle
  • Brightness, DNLA, Smart features
  • Built in Digital Tuner which is great for watching regular TV without the need of an additional set top box
  • 20000 hour led bulb that will probably outlast the projector.
  • DNLA capable
  • Quick boot enables the projector to boot up in around 10 seconds
  • USB port for native file play back such as mp3, DivX, mp4 and photo playback
  • Smart TV(NetCast) features(facebook,twitter,Vudu, etc)
  • Included WiFi dongle for Smart TV features and DNLA
  • Connections for composite, component, hdmi, VGA

Setup was a breeze. Plugged it in and hooked up my hdmi cable for a Roku, composite cables for the original Wii and a coax cable from my OTA antenna. I didn't need to do any calibration or adjustments. I have it ceiling mounted which was probably the biggest task. Since the throw can not be adjusted, all positioning adjustments had to be done from the mount. Luckily the mount I went with has plenty of room for motion. Not a draw back as I don't foresee moving the projector any time soon. As of now it is displaying on a 100 in projector on a matte white finish with a 16:10 ratio. I have it defaulted to 16:9

User Interface:
The user menus are pretty self explanatory and all features are easily managed. With the exception of the Smart TV features(Netcast). Netcast is so slow and has been abandoned by LG.

This tiny projector does its job effortlessly when viewing high def or standard def TV. Quick to turn on with little warm up time. No motion blur from what I can tell. Digital TV signals are picked up easily. I have to note that I have a whole house antenna in the attic with an amplifier that feeds 3 other TVs. Being that it only has a 300 lumen output it is very susceptible to outside light. For me this is not much of an issue as the room being used has room darkening curtains and when light does come in it is manageable. This projector has LG's first generation of Smart TV features called Netcast which at this point has been abandoned. Accessing Netcast is a slow process and once there you don't want to stay long. Apps include Facebook, twitter, Vudu, Accedo, MLB and a vTuner. None of these are worth it except the Vudu app. It works great but since I have a Roku I don't use it much. The DNLA features leave something to be desired as in my experience they are hit or miss. I've never been a fan of DNLA on anything and this further proved my point.

As far as home theater projectors go there are other choices that would/can do better job. This projector is used in my kids game room where we watch family movies/tv or play games together frequently. It gets plenty of use (daily) and having an LED bulb is a huge plus. I don't have to worry about racking up hours and replacing it. My bulb in my 65"DLP in my living room will have to be replaced several times over before I have to do anything with this projector. We do a lot of streaming from Roku/Wii from netflix, hulu, amazon prime etc and the picture quality is amazing on a 100 in screen with or without ambient light. As I mentioned before it is only 300 lumens. As a monitor only this thing rocks. For the price, great picture, great digital tuner, small foot print and long long long lasting bulb.
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