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Great 720 Projector Edit
by rdcollns Combined Rating: 4.0
I bought this projector 4 years ago. I am crazy when it comes to projector purchases, I used business projectors for movies at home since 1998 and eventually bought an LG projector which I loved,...
Pros Cons
  • Iris, contrast, color, keystone, inputs
  • Bulb cost, not a wide zoom range
I bought this projector 4 years ago. I am crazy when it comes to projector purchases, I used business projectors for movies at home since 1998 and eventually bought an LG projector which I loved, but the insides essentially melted when I installed its second bulb from the heat. The Sharp replaced that one, and the biggest things that drew me to Sharp was that they use lenses for keystone correction, but I quickly discovered that I couldn't afford that. But I eventually decided that I really liked this one for several reasons.

- The keystone correction can be done with the common trapezoids, or you can just assign any four corners, and it will do it automatically, which is awesome for my setup.
- I found I had a strange display size / distance, and this lens is in an unusual gap. However, the zoom range is fairly narrow.
- It is attractive and white and dissappears in my living room, has lots of inputs, and is flexible with many settings.
- At the time, the price was outstanding for any 720p projector, and it still retails on for a similar same price as I paid
- Uses the Darkchip 2, but contrast is excellent (rated 4000:1), and performs far better due to the next feature
- There is an IRIS feature that can switch between high brightness / low contrast OR low brightness / high contrast. This is regardless of fan speed or lamp brightness, and it is a very big deal. By pushing one button you can easily adjust from watching TV in a fully lit room to watching a dimly lit movie like underworld at night. It even has user customizable setups so you can tweak all the other settings you like and still switch with the push of a single button. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST FEATURE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A PROJECTOR.
- The bulbs are always $300, I tried a $200 one from Discount-Merchant becuase they said it was OEM, but it was nothing similar, took forever to warm up and half the brightness. And this projector will shut down with warnings of bulb explosions when your bulb reaches its lifespan, and you have to give it a code when you replace the bulb to reset the odomoter (think Contra). That being said my bulbs show no signs of dimming after 3000 hours, and I'm sure they could go much longer
- The projector sometimes screws up 2x/year with blinking lights, no picture; and has to be unplugged to reset back to normal.
- Menus are simple and easy, remote is nice with lit up buttons.
- 720 is crystal clear, and other sources and interlacing are smoothly adapted so you would never know anything is wrong. I never see motion blur or artifacts, unless something is wrong with the source material.
- Nobody has ever mentioned the rainbow effect, I can only force it to happen by spinning my head back and forth.
- The color is fantastic, and there is even a dynamic settings that saturate color to an uncommon richness, which is annoying for some things, but awesome on daytime viewing (next to a massive picture window) or for some theatrical movies that call for a little added richness. I only use a white painted wall, but have plans to paint with black beauty to see what the next step up looks like.

When I am ready for my next projector, if I can find one that has lens keystone correction and an iris feature, I would consider those my top two features, I would gladly purchase from Sharp again, but I do wish they could limit bulb costs, as this is my primary TV.
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