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Best projector for a dedicated movie room, 2.35 screen Edit
by jmccarei Combined Rating: 5.0
JVC DLA-RS45 Review
1) Features—
Some of our favorite action movies, Transformers, Casino Royale, Kill Bill, etc. are filmed in 2.35, or wide screen. so when in our movie room, we want to be 'at...
Pros Cons
  • lens memory+++, simple to adjust settings, deep colors
  • quirky with Logitech remotes (power off), black bars in 16:9 viewing
JVC DLA-RS45 Review
1) Features—
Some of our favorite action movies, Transformers, Casino Royale, Kill Bill, etc. are filmed in 2.35, or wide screen. so when in our movie room, we want to be 'at the movies' and not see the black bars on top and bottom for a typical HD TV. this projector solves that problem while also allowing the viewer to watch regular TV on the screen as well. I've happily sacrificed a slightly smaller picture size for sports center and Two and a Half Men to get a massive viewing screen for Gladiator (and didn't we put in floor speakers and a 12" sub for movies and not commercials". this projector "memorizes" you screen and with a push of a button and 30-45 seconds, you go from TV watching settings to a fully filled screen ready for any Blu Ray DVD
the 3D settings were very good (i've never really been a fan of home 3D) and were much better than my Samsung TVs 3D viewing.
there is little to no blur when watching sports, but it's dependent on the feed you're receiving. certain channels performed better. i'm in the NY area and had verizon fios. ESPN monday night football was better than the Jets game on CBS, i don't know why. tennis was excellent, the green court and the player's colorful shirts popped out at you, even my wife noticed that.
i did not test 2D to 3D, seems like an wasted feature. either it's 2D or 3D, no need to mix them, there's enough content for both.

2) Setup—
boy is the box heavy...and it's extremely well packaged. UPS guy would have to be throwing it around to damage the projector.
bought a generic mount from Amazon for $40-50 and had no issues placing on a 8ft ceiling. beautiful box it's placed in, looks sturdy and is sturdy.
I used Elite Screens R115WH1-WIDE ezFrame Fixed Projection Screen (115" 2.35:1 AR)(CineWhite), purchased on Amazon, and think it was a wonderful combo. I received numerous compliments on the picture quality, even from those with professional set up, high end media rooms in their homes.
I spent 60-75 minutes calibrating the screen zooms and shifts from 16:9 to 2.35 and color/sharpness/blacks with different movies. The Batman Begins and Dark Knight are great movies to use for color calibration bc of the shadows and some bright scenes as well.

3) User Interface—
remote is simple and easy to use (Logitech worked for power on and simple adjustments) and i kept handy for small tweaks her and there. the more you switch between the 16:9 and 2.35, the more likely you get a small shift in the picture. it's inevitable that it won't be EXACT perfect every time. i don't consider that a knock on the product, it's a fact of technology. nothing happens exactly the same every time, and the motor of the lens isn't what we paid $2999 for, it's the images produced, which are excellent.
there are 4 different screen adjustments, all can be set for memory for different types of movies/tv, and are self explanatory.

4) Performance—
as I stated above, this is a projector for movies, any kind of movie. Disney/Pixar movies look real life, as does Dora and Bubble Guppies (if you have kids, just make sure it's HD or your child will ask why Dora is fuzzy). Transformers Dark of the Moon was the first full movie I watched, there's no blur with the cars on highways and the slow motion camera pans are like you're at the theater. basketball isn't the best sport to watch, the tan glow of the court and the orange ball, something is lost. i never could put my finger on it. i never noticed any ghosting in the picture or spots on the screen or any inconsistencies with the picture.

I've had it for almost 12 months now.
would i buy this again? in a heartbeat. anything I would change? no
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jmccarei 05-15-2013, 08:56 AM

hope that helps guys.

jmccarei 05-15-2013, 08:55 AM

in regards to ambiant lighting, compared to the Mistubish DLP rear projection screen I had prior, this performs much better in dim overhead lighting. with day light, picture is weak, but that's to be expected with all projectors. as long as the light isn't on directly over the screen, i found the image to be more than adequate (watching sports sunday afternoon and serving food with low lighting wasn't a problem).
bulb, no issues, but only had it for almost 12 months.
i can't comment on different screens, only have experience with the one i have and I like the set up. i spent hours and hours on this site trying to figure out what was best. took a gamble with a bargain on amazon on both screen and projector...I call it a big win for under $3500 for both pieces.

analogBalrog 05-15-2013, 08:52 AM

Thanks for the info!

jmccarei 05-15-2013, 08:51 AM

i have to say, i haven't even noticed the fan, or any noise for that matter besides start up. our couch is right underneanth as well, about 15-17 feet away. that's about the max distance for the projector, the zoom is close to its max at that distance for this screen size. to be safe, i'd keep around 14 feet.

imranh86 05-15-2013, 08:32 AM

How has the projector fared in ambient lighting? Have you had any issues with the bulb? Also, have you noticed any severe dimming in the bulb over time? From comments I've read around AVS, it seems many recommend a high gain screen for this projector; would you agree? Sorry for the barrage of questions. I'd greatly appreciate any insight you have.

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