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Can't be beat for under $1000 Edit
by jakob_s Combined Rating: 4.4
I think what amazed me the most with this projector other than it's value is how great it was out of the box without any calibration. I just got it a couple days ago for $850 and haven't had a...
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  • Great brightness, Amazing colors, Good contrast and blacks, Placement range is great due to a good zoom and a lot of play with keystone
  • Fan can be a little loud at times
I think what amazed me the most with this projector other than it's value is how great it was out of the box without any calibration. I just got it a couple days ago for $850 and haven't had a chance to mount it or install a screen. So I just set it on an end table and threw the picture on a grey wall and viola! Gorgeous picture just by hitting the power button! So easy to setup I can't even find a single complaint. Sure I can calibrate it and get a slightly better picture, but right out of the box it's great!

I've tried to view a few different types of material including TV in 720p and 1080p as well as a movie in 1080p and BF3 on my Xbox360. All of these scenarios performed incredibly well. I can't think of any issues with performance that I've seen yet. The only problem I've had isn't really an issue with this projector, but more a problem with the room it's in. The second day I had it I came home and threw on GOT. The problem was that the sun was shining bright and I have three windows so it was beating in on the wall I'm projecting on. When there was a dark scene, which there are a ton of in GOT, it was difficult to see. I know this is a problem for really any projector with this much light in the room. I will be installing black out shades on the windows soon though and won't have this problem for too long. Again this isn't a knock against the W1070 it's just an issue with my room.

On the topic of dark scenes, I will say that the black levels are pretty great for a projector at this price point. This is another area that the W1070 outperformed my old TV in. Keep in mind that the TV I'm replacing is a 56" Samsung DLP from about 2004 or 2005 so it is definitely and older DLP. However, I have to say that the blacks on this projector have really impressed me. This was one area that I thought I would be seeing moderate performance drops in, but I have had great results so far. I know that the blacks on this PJ can't compare to higher-end PJs that are over $2k or $3k, but for my experience they are more than good enough.

I think what I was most impressed with was playing BF3. Currently the image I'm displaying is about 115" diagonally and it's beautiful with this game. I can see so much more that I just didn't notice on my 56" TV that I'm replacing in this room. It's not just the size though it's the fact that even at double the size of my TV the picture quality is so much better and it's even brighter than the TV when the room is dark.

I've noticed a slight bit of fan noise, but nothing that is too noticeable. I also don't like how the input selection works, but that's more of a personal complaint and I'm sure I'll get used to it very quickly.

Overall this PJ is amazing with it's brightness, color clarity, contrast, and black levels. I have to say that if you're looking for a sub $1000 PJ, don't look any further. Just go pick up a W1070 and you will be thrilled!
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Renron 07-30-2013, 07:18 AM

Good review, Thanks.
The fan noise is / could be an issue for me, could you elaborate a little more on the noise? High pitch, whine, air movement noise ect. How high are your ceilings?
Where did you pick this up for $850? Great price BTW. If we're not allowed to post that type of info on this forum please, PM me with retailer.
Thank you.

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