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The Gold Standard for Blu-ray Disc Playback Edit
by KingLeerUK Combined Rating: 4.6
My Oppo BDP-93 was my 3rd foray into the Blu-ray disc player arena after two prior and utterly disappointing experiences with a Samsung BD-P1400 and the BD-P1600 that was its warranty...
Pros Cons
  • Solid Build Quality, Fast Boot & Disc Load, Network Media Support, Nearly Universal Disc Media Support, Pure Audio Mode
  • DLNA navigation is slow
My Oppo BDP-93 was my 3rd foray into the Blu-ray disc player arena after two prior and utterly disappointing experiences with a Samsung BD-P1400 and the BD-P1600 that was its warranty replacement.

The Oppo BDP-93 has excelled in the all the areas that the other players fell short. To name a few:

Disc Loading Times - the Oppo BDP-93 averages a 15 second loading time for most BD media in my library. Previously I would expect to be in for a 2-3 minute wait with either of the Samsung models; and that was assuming that the disc would even load. The BDP-93 has yet to meet a disc it can't play.

Disc Support - the Oppo BDP-93 supports every disc type in my library except Laserdisc (for obvious reasons) and has never faulted to playback any BD I've thrown at it, including recent releases with more complex Java-based menus and features.

Analogue Audio Quality - it was only after putting the BDP-93 through some critical listening that I was convinced I finally had a video disc player that was capable of replacing my dedicated CD audio transport. The stereo L/R audio from the Oppo BDP-93 is clean and uncoloured. Trying to obtain quality analogue audio from either of the Samsung players was an exercise in frustration and disappointment due to their harsh "digital" sound. Coupled with the "Pure Audio" mode, the BDP-93 is a capable replacement for all but the most esoteric CD audio transports on the market today.

DLNA Support - perhaps not a fair comparison since neither Samsung player had this feature, but the built-in DLNA support of the Oppp BDP-93 filled a much needed niche in my entertainment setup before I built a HTPC. The interface for navigating the DLNA folder structure is a bit slow and not ideal for the remote control input method, but the actual media playback is solid and convenient.

Multi-HDMI Output - a feature I originally thought a gimmick has turned out to be a solution to an unforeseen problem. My home theatre receiver, an Onkyo TX-SR875, has some issues with HDMI handshake when changing between video source material of differing aspect ratios. This would sometimes result in the "digital snow" effect being displayed on my display until the receiver was power cycled to reinitiate the handshake process. Using the paired HDMI outputs, I can run an "audio only" connection to the receiver for playback of lossless audio codecs from HDMI Output 2, and a direct HDMI run to the display from HDMI Output 1, bypassing the receiver handshake issue for the aspect ratio change. There are absolutely no sync issues or performance degradation for using this feature.

eSATA and USB Media Support - connecting drives and playback of media from them is quick and easy with the Oppo BDP-93. Drives are detected quickly and thus far I have not had any USB drives (including a 2.5" mechanical HD) require supplemental outboard power to spin up. Thumbdrive support has been universal, reading even a 64GB drive without complaint. Speeds are what you'd expect from USB 2.0, and there is really no warranted need for USB 3.0 speed support.

DVD Upconversion - people often forget that there are hundreds of titles still awaiting proper Blu-ray releases and the only way to experience them is the trusty DVD. The Marvell chip in the Oppo BDP-93 does an amazing job with upconversion of 480p sources to 1080p, far better even than the built-in Reon HQV chip built into my Onkyo TX-SR875. Prior to the coming of Blu-ray I'd built up an impressive catalogue of DVD titles and the Oppo BDP-93 lets them play-on into the HD future with dignity.


The Oppo BDP-93 has stellar image quality, a bevy of features that add convenience to an already solid core performance, and a build quality that must be felt to be properly appreciated. Oppo Digital has already introduced replacement models for the BDP-93 and maybe one day I'll upgrade, but for now the combination of value, features, uncompromising quality and bulletproof performance across a wide range of media types means that that day is many years off into the future. Buying an Oppo BDP-93 is one of the few purchases that I can say that I have no regrets on AND wish I'd done much, much sooner.
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