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Great Value and Excellent Performance Edit
by grnsr Combined Rating: 3.9
The setup was a breeze - and the full remote is a bit cluttered - but the magic wand is quite a nice feature...
this TV is good if you bought it mainly for its display which is a great bang for the...
Pros Cons
  • Good quality display and bang for the buck, contains most necessary features, the magic remote is a plus
  • Audio is weak - but most people will be using a HT setup, Digital output for external sources is 2.1, WIFI, SmartTV functions not great
The setup was a breeze - and the full remote is a bit cluttered - but the magic wand is quite a nice feature...
this TV is good if you bought it mainly for its display which is a great bang for the buck - that too with 120Hz which is the minimum required for reducing motion blur/jitter
The contrast, color, brightness are quite natural - the factory default settings were just fine... and the built-in "Cinema" mode is extremely useful... when setting yourself up on the couch for a movie in low light with all shades drawn

Great number of features online streaming, WIFI, DLNA etc but If you were expecting true smart TV ability etc - this TV may not be the best... the browser and some function still need to be refined..
The WIFI had trouble staying stable and after a point I just disconnected it...The ethernet and DLNA are good just use that instead of the USB - WIFI dongle - which takes up the one remaining USB slot (after 1 is gone for the Magic wand)...
The freedup USB spot can be used to connect a Hard-disk - most video formats are supported - but some of the newer formats the audio is not supported...

The only available Digital audio out is only 2.1ch even if the HDMI input carries multi-channel sound.
This makes it a necessity to have a receiver or processor to connect a set of 5.1ch speakers...
A SmartTV with multiple inputs should have the ability to directly output 5.1ch of balanced output for all the inputs to be truly useful. Otherwise you will end-up using only 1 of the inputs and HT receiver will have to carry all the inputs. Not many have the latest receivers with multiple HDMI inputs...

On the whole... if you are expecting this TV to do the basics - display, clarity, colors, contrast, resolution etc right - this is it... it offers much more than its competition at a better price point... with LG reliability..

go ahead and get it
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aussawin 06-10-2014, 09:22 PM

We love this TV. The resolution is great. The web apps work well, though sometimes the TV has trouble finding the internet connection even though it is connected by ethernet. The apps can be slow to open, as well. Netflix streams in at full HD, and looks great!

The remote takes a bit to get use to, but we found that we really like the motion sensor. It makes it easy and quick to move from menu to menu. It need to be calibrated often, but it is really easy (you just move the cursor to the edge of the screen where it is off).

I wish it could be flat mounted like my Samsung though. The cables stick straight out the back, so when I mounted it on a wall it had to sticks out another 1/2" or so and not picture-frame flat like my Samsung.

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