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A smart TV that just isn't that smart Edit
by Andrew P Combined Rating: 2.2
The look of the tv is sleek and it looks borderless with the tv turned off. The actual border is very thin about .25” around ¾ of the screen and a slightly thicker border at the bottom of...
Pros Cons
  • The bezel design is thin and sleek
  • Magic remote, all smart tv features, laggy and buggy operating system
The look of the tv is sleek and it looks borderless with the tv turned off. The actual border is very thin about .25” around ¾ of the screen and a slightly thicker border at the bottom of the screen. it also has a metal rim that surrounds the outer border of the tv. I really wanted a 60", but the bezel is thicker on the 60" version of the LG similar to the Samsung 60F7100 that I returned due to the bezel being thicker on that as well compared to their 55". The picture quality is very good and is comparable to the Samsung.

Smart features (I use the term smart losely).
1. O/S. It looks like 2005 all over again, but it is generally responsive. I have also had to reset my connection three times in order to access these features. I am using wifi 2.4/5ghz router which is one room over. I did not have any connectivity issue with the Samsung, nor do any of my computers or phone
2. Banner. If you point to the top of the screen a screen overlay comes down slighty which is nice, but the input name on the top left is in huge ugly font. Otherwise the banner is serviceable and incudes "on now" on the right side. I much prefer the look and look of the Samsung smart features compared to the LG. Of course everyone’s opinion will vary on this.
3. “On now” feature shows 5-6 titles on the bottom of the screen. Every time I want to use this mostly useless feature I have to remind it that I only care about HD, not SD and not SD and HD channels. If you want to see more than 5-6 items you lose tv audio and video (idiotic) and then it’s more of a graphical representation of the guide instead of a grid style and again no option that I can find to change this.

The magic remote.
1. The click is so loud and annoying if you aren’t the one controlling the tv.
2. It won’t control my Directv HR24-a newer Directv HD-DVR receiver which is about 2-3 years old. I cannot even change channels let alone use the advanced features of the remote such as voice control to do any Directv related control. This renders most of the major features useless. If the remote was to work it looks like I would have to call up the Directv remote on my tv and then change channels that way? I know there are some gestures, but since I can't control my set-top box these are rendered mostly useless at this point.
3. The remote also lost connectivity (3 times) in less than 24 hours.

I haven’t used the apps long enough to comment on those, but I will say not having Amazon is another major disappointment, but I knew this before I purchased the tv so I cant complain about that.

Remote app.
The remote app for iPhone is ok at best. It is very slow and not formatted for the iPhone 5 (it’s only been on the market for a year.) The design of the app leaves much to be desired but it is better than the magic remote, but I still cannot change channels without my Directv remote.

In closing I feel like the LG55LA7400 is a “Smart tv” that is just not that smart.
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dark41 10-31-2013, 06:18 AM

Wondering if your opinions have changed with software updates? I ask because I had several problems with version 3 (came installed) which disappeared with versions 4 and 5.

My Magic Remote's "click" is barely audible.

If I understand correctly, Magic Remote uses Bluetooth and IR technologies for various features. Your problem controlling the set top box sounds like more of DirectTV problem (no Bluetooth?) than an LG problem. If it was setup to use with DirectTV, it probably wouldn't work for anyone outside of USA. I don't use a set top box and (Australian) free to air works perfectly for me.

I like how I can change channels quickly with the scroll wheel.

I haven't had any Bluetooth connectivity problems at all.

I didn't buy it for the apps and haven't used them. Doubt I ever will.

3D is better than I could have imagined (although I have limited experience with 3D). NFL games and PS3 games look fantastic and no motion blur.

After playing with Tru-Motion settings, I've eliminated all motion blur. (Either off or "smooth" with 3 de-judder and 3 de-blur work well on my set.)

Internet is another story. 1600+ms ping time makes most web pages time out and streaming impossible - although download and upload speeds are the same as my PC. Wireless N and Ethernet share the same problem. (I connect the PC to the TV for anything internet related and works great). This is my only complaint.

SmartShare was my only other problem, which used to show the movie files but errored when trying to view them, and it was fixed with software version 4 and a reinstall to the PC (although I find it simpler to use a dedicated USB storage device since I'm constantly switching between TV, movies, and PS3 anyway). I'm now on software version 5 and everything (except internet) is smooth.

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