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Good little LED that fits my needs perfectly. Edit
by futurecode Combined Rating: 3.6
I have this this indented area in my kitchen right above my stove hood that has always begged for a flat panel TV. Literally every time I looked at that blank space all i could envision is...
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  • Blacks, Detail, Price, Size, Weight
  • Color Accuracy, Muddy Mid-tones, Remote, Power up time, No OTA guide
I have this this indented area in my kitchen right above my stove hood that has always begged for a flat panel TV. Literally every time I looked at that blank space all i could envision is LCD/LED TV. So as converting my living room in a projector based home theater and not have in a quick on/off daily driver of a TV in the downstairs of my house I decided to fulfill that vision and bite the bullet on a flat panel for that area that begged for one ....... hence this Toshiba 40L5200U review.

My cat Peanut Butter and Gordon Ramsey giving you a proper view of my Toshiba 40L5200U

My first concern when finding a TV for my kitchen was size. I had a specific area to fill, and like any true blooded AVSer I wanted to not just fit something in there, but maximize that space with the largest screen I could fit in there (bigger is better smile.gif ). After measuring the area provided I quickly found that 37 inches was too small and 42 inches was just a bit too big, so that led me to find a small bezel 40 incher. The Toshiba 40L5200U fit the bill perfectly, fitting like a glove. Combine that size with it weighing in at 30lbs I was pretty sure I found my TV ......... but size isn't everything, so what about features and connectivity?

Connectivity wise she is all i could ask for, with 3 HDMI ports, Component, Composite, VGA, Coaxial, and USB I would not be left wanting there. Feature wise is another story, it''s and LED tv ..... that's it. No internet connectivity, no wireless, no smart apps of any kind. Having my whole house wired to HTPC's this wasn't and issue for me, and at a sub 600 price point, is lack of features is understandable.

The user interface is also as simple as it comes, but with enough color controls and audio options to dial in the picture and sound enough to please a amateur AVphile, it gets the job done. No OTA guide for broadcast TV was a major negative for me as I get the bulk of my content by either internet streaming or OTA broadcasts. But again, using an HTPC with a tuner alleviates this issue, so it's not a deal breaker for me. By far the biggest negative for me is power on time. From hitting power to viewing content is almost criminally slow, clocking in at around 15 seconds, so those who are looking for instant gratification, this set might not be for you.

Performance is decent. Blacks are nice and the details are sharp and crisp. Like almost all TV's color accuracy out of the box color is pretty dismal, but with calibration she does a fair job in this department, with mid-tones being the worst offender here being a bit muddled if not slightly green at times. Audio is decent at best as to be expected with TV's of this size and price, although I could use a bit louder speakers.

All in all, after almost a year of decent to heavy use, I enjoy my Toshiba 40L5200U. It fits my spacial needs perfectly, provides a good clear picture, and never waivers on signal or connectivity issues. If your space needs matched mine, as unique as they are, this TV could serve you well, but if you are looking for just another table top 40 incher with best in class performance, you might find better looking elsewhere even at this price point.
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