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I didn't Realize what I was Missing! Edit
by Tom Riddle Combined Rating: 4.3
I've owned several types of HDTV's over the years: rear projection, rear projection DLP, LCD and LED/LCD. For years I pined over the wonderful picture the LED/LCD's displayed in store and finally...
Pros Cons
  • Wonderful overall picture quality, black levels and great 3D performance.
  • Color could be improved, 96 hz function tends to create distracting rainbows and included Wi-fi dongle has trouble keeping up.
I've owned several types of HDTV's over the years: rear projection, rear projection DLP, LCD and LED/LCD. For years I pined over the wonderful picture the LED/LCD's displayed in store and finally I purchased a 3D LED/LCD set in 2011. I set it up same day and was ready to watch all my favorite movies again on my new reference set, only to be severely disappointed with the pictures quality. A year later, I had enough of the set and began the search for the TV of my dreams and that's how I found the VT30.

I had always been anti-plasma - yes, I fell for all the negative and mostly false reports out there - but of all people, it was an employee of Best Buy that convinced me that the VT30 was what I needed. With free delivery and a 30 day return period, why not at least try it? Once the TV arrived and was installed, I hesitantly hit the power button - after all, could Plasma be that great - and waited seconds for it to startup. My initial impression was mixed - colors were full and had depth, but boy was the picture dim. Then, I flipped from the Standard settings to Custom and with a few tweaks to contrast and the AGC; I was blown away by the picture.

Design - This set looks great - it has the one sheet of glass design that makes it look very sleek whether it is on or off. It matches my other electronics well and while the set is large, it doesn't look clunky.

Features - This one has everything I need - multiple viewing modes, Wi-Fi (with the included dongle), FullHD 3D and everything else that makes this a high end Plasma set.

Performance - Overall 2D picture quality is amazing. There is a true depth and realism to the picture that I had not seen on my previous sets. The image is truly lifelike and gives the effect of looking through a window pane. 3D performance was also top notch. It did require me to tweak the settings quite a bit to get it to my liking, but once there, it beat out my other 3D set hands down.

Color Accuracy - This is a sticky category for this set; on one hand, colors can be dialed-in to great accuracy, but on the other hand, at this price-point, it should be accurate without question.

Black Levels - At the time of purchase, barring the Sharp Elite, this set had the best measure black levels of the year. At times the black bars melt into bezel, giving the viewer the effect that they are not there at all. I've thrown everything I have at it and every time, I'm amazed at the depth of the blacks. Are there sets that have deeper blacks? Yes. Will you be disappointed with the VT30's blacks? No!

Value - At $2,799 and 65"s, the overall of this set was a huge deciding factor in my purchase.

My overall satisfaction with the VT30 seems to grow the more I watch it. No matter the material you throw at it, movies, sports, regular TV, it handles it with precision and grace. I love my Plasma set and plan to keep it until either a UHD Plasma or OLED is released.
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