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Incredible picture quality from a Plasma TV. Edit
by Cigarjohn47 Combined Rating: 5.0
This was my first Plasma TV and flat panel that I've owned. I've looked at Sharp, LG and Samsung, but liked the reviews of this flagship TV for 2012. I have my mounted on a wall. Even though I...
Pros Cons
  • Physically attractive, very sharp picture, very minimal glare in bright light, no washed-out colors in very bright rooms, easy to setup.
  • Does produce a lot of ambient heat, no free 3D Glasses, uses active shutter than passive technology when viewing in 3D.
This was my first Plasma TV and flat panel that I've owned. I've looked at Sharp, LG and Samsung, but liked the reviews of this flagship TV for 2012. I have my mounted on a wall. Even though I purchased this TV in September of 2012, I didn't start using it until May of 2013. This TV went into my custom built, miniature movie theater room. The TV does have online streaming capabilities but I haven't used them yet. The setup was very easy to do and the help screens were easy to read. I personally had a professional calibrate my TV for my room but setting your own custom settings is easy to do but will take a lot of time as there are so many picture quality features to adjust. The many different factory settings are very good and sharp if you don't want to do any custom settings on your own. The menu system is nice and easy to use. The remote is also nice as the buttons are much larger than the average remote and the functions are very basic. If your a Netflix subscriber, the Netflix button on the remote is a cool feature. Though sometimes a little sluggish in entering the internet capabilities and sometimes Netflix won't load up or log in. But the other movie apps like HULU, Amazon Prime and VUDU load up real quickly. Netflix seems to load up more quickly on my BD player, but Pandora's Music Application does load up very quickly. Just remember to use the ARC HDMI ports on your TV and setup up the ARC in your receiver; if it has it, to get sound from your TV internet applications if your sending your signals to your receiver or pre-amp, though the built in speakers on this TV do sound really good for a TV if your not using it with a receiver or surround sound setup. I guess every applications load time is different. I have my TV hooked-up with hard wire for the internet instead of wireless. The internet capabilities are great and there's a lot of applications to choose from. Though the menu system for the apps are a little sluggish but they still work good. The TV also comes with another remote for internet use. It's small like a little potato. I guess it's a nice feature to have but is a little sluggish and it will take some time to master when using with the internet. It has a touch sensitive pad to slide your fingers across to act as a mouse pointer. I just use the standard remote for everything. It seems to work the best. The 2D to 3D settings are great and the 3D rendering is good on many movies but I would say that if your a heavy investor of 3D movies, I'd go with an LG or Samsung as they use passive technology and the 3D effects are more pronounced and real than the shutter system that Panasonic uses. I wish Panasonic would use both technologies and let the consumer choose which one they prefer. Unfortunately; like all the other Plasma, LCD and LED manufacturers, Panasonic doesn't include a free pair of 3D Glasses which tend to be very expensive. They should at least include a certificate for a pair of glasses at a discounted price for purchasing their TV's. I've found cheaper glasses on the market that work great with this TV's 3D capabilities. The picture quality is fantastic on this TV. All my friends keep telling me that I should have purchased an LCD or LED and to stay away from Plasma TV's as there disappearing from the market and are of an older technology. But I've done some research on Plasmas and there still going to be around for a long time as Panasonic and Samsung are still going to produce them. Though an LCD would probably be better for a brighter environment compared to a Plasma which picture quality improves with darker lighting situations. But with the newer glass technologies that Plasma TV's implement, there just as good as the LCD's in bright light. I would definitely say that If your a heavy user of Blue Ray Movie viewing, the Plasma would be a better fit for you than an LCD or LED. I'm not putting down the LCD or LED's but Plasmas seem to produce better picture quality when it comes to Blue Ray Movies. The blacks are very impressive and the details are phenomenal. I would also like to point out that as the TV ages or as the years go by, the picture quality will start to diminish and the TV's picture settings will need to be tweaked as all aging TV products.

I've watched many DVD and Blue Ray movies such as Avatar, Thor, Iron Man 1 & 2, The Avengers, The Transformers, Full Metal Jacket, Frankenstein, The Mummy and many classic black and white movies on this TV and the blacks are really black and true. This TV produces very good details in B&W as well as color movies. But I guess the BD or DVD players do help in the video cleaning-up process to some extent.

On a side note: This TV was purchased online for $2,849.00 and I added an additional 6% sales tax to the price.

I hope this review is helpful to you in your possible purchase of this TV or of a Plasma TV in general. I want to wish you all a good life and great TV viewing experience. smile.gif
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