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Attractive picture at an irresistible price. Edit
by Chris5028 Combined Rating: 4.3
I searched long and hard for the perfect TV this year when it was time to upgrade. My budget started a bit south of what I spent, but as I looked at TVs in my price range I realized I needed to be...
Pros Cons
  • Picture Quality, Black Levels, Motion Handling, Colors, Swivel stand.
  • The acrylic edge of the bezel, Smart features are a bit lagy, no 3D glasses included.
I searched long and hard for the perfect TV this year when it was time to upgrade. My budget started a bit south of what I spent, but as I looked at TVs in my price range I realized I needed to be at the $1k mark if I was going to find anything I would be happy with. Then it was "do I buy LED or Plasma?", it took about 20 minutes of searching and I knew needed to check out Plasma. It was CNET that got me interested in the ST50, and after seeing it at BB I purchased it online.

The TV produces a natural rich picture without being overly sharp. Oz Looked fantastic, the colors were breathtaking. I am using a slight variation of the CNET settings at this time and find the colors to be pretty dang close to perfect. I would like to have it calibrated professionally, however money is an object. My wife was very skeptical about me buying a Plasma, but she put that behind her after we watched a couple blu rays. She now doesn't like to watch movies at our friends houses, something about their LED TVs looking unpleasant. The Black Levels are pretty dang good, they look a bit dull with the lights up but as soon as I dim them or draw the curtain its inky black and beautiful. Pandorum and Sherlock Holms both gave it a good work out and showed how inky the blacks can be and the last of the Harry Potter movies was a real treat.

The smart apps aren't much to mention, they are pretty clunky and the HUB isn't as smooth as it could be. I like the layout more than that of my Sony Blu ray player but I rarely use it. I did notice the app selection was pretty good, even a couple you might not want the wife to know about. The 3D is a lot of fun, I haven't watched a whole movie with it yet since I only bought one pair of glasses, but games are a lot of fun in 3D. Halo Anniversary and Gears of War 3 were like new again. The options for set up are very good, more than adequate for the price tag. I found the cable set up to be pretty smooth, I guess its not on some TVs... The speakers on the TV are very good for a flat panel. I used them for a couple months before I picked up a surround set up. The TV speakers actually sound crisper and clearer than the surround speakers I have, but with them being placed in the back of the TV they don't work well for sitting 8 feet away from the front of the TV.

I am in love with this TV, I would recommend it to any one who would listen. There are a few things that could be better, but in respect to value this TV does a lot more than I would expect from a TV in this price range. I look forward to using this TV for a long time to come, I am sure I will want to go larger before too long but rest assured this set will be hard at work in the bedroom or office when that day comes.
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