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Golf good - Bugs bad Edit
by member121ca Combined Rating: 2.0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14
Console: PS3 Model#: CECH-2001A
Upgraded the PS3's hard drive to Seagate Momentus 500GB Model#: ST9500420AS
TV: Sony KDL40EX720
Headset: Tritton AX720

From now on Tiger...
Pros Cons
  • Swing mechanics, online play, real courses
  • Bugs, glitches, lack of EA support
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14
Console: PS3 Model#: CECH-2001A
Upgraded the PS3's hard drive to Seagate Momentus 500GB Model#: ST9500420AS
TV: Sony KDL40EX720
Headset: Tritton AX720

From now on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will be referred to as TW14. TW14 is published by EA Sports

I really like video golf. (I am allergic to grass and do not play IRL.) I own Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds, Planet Mini-Golf and TW12 before buying TW14. I use the DualShock 3 controller and not the motion controller. I purchased all the DLC courses.

TW14 Pros;
Swing mechanics (or swing engine, if you prefer)
Real courses from around the PGA TOUR and the world.
Online play (including Country Club feature)
Online community, a very small yet dedicated community of TW14 lovers who have posted a few things to help you out.
LPGA. I like girls!

TW14 Cons:
Lack of support from EA Sports
PS3 hardware specs don't meet the potential of this game. Looking forward to PS4.
No Phil Mickelson, I'm a leftie and don't like using right handed players so, I'm stuck with Bubba.

2 or 3 - The box says nothing of "variable dynamic range settings" so I'll assume 2 or 3.

Low Frequency Extension
??? - Please, keep in mind I'm using headphones so, sub-sonic LFE is ???!

Positional/Environmental Cues
Support for Dolby 5.1. My headset lights up blue when Dolby 5.1 is detected. And, it's blue.
Golf does not really require positional cues.

The only sound that is important in golf is the sound your club face makes when contacting the ball. The game provides a sound at impact and it does change depending on your shot but the feedback to the player is of limited use because there are so many other tools a player can use to improve their swing. However, a nice shot can produce a nice sound at contact and a person who likes golf will like the sound of the club face striking the ball and the sound of the ball dropping into the hole.
The spectators applaud appropriately. Birds chirp and squawk. I may have heard the MET Life blimp. Realistic sounds during gameplay (keeping in mind golf is quiet game). Plus, in TW14, no one yells something stupid immediately after a tee shot!

Dialogue/Mix Quality
5 - There is no dialogue spoken by any player therefore, no sync issues. The announcers have become repetitive but are otherwise clearly heard. I'd like to listen to my own music while playing golf. TW14 on the PS3 does not allow me to listen to my tunes via XMB.

2 - 480p & 720p it says on the box.
Some places the detail is quite good. However, the putting greens shine and look more like a textured plastic surface. My created golfer avatar looks a little different than the created golfer player I use in game even though they are the same golfer. The branches on the trees disappear when moving toward or away from them. Not just small detailed leaves but entire branches. Some of my club shafts are highly jagged.

Frame Rate
If you are experiencing a score of 2, try rebooting. You may improve to 3. No guarantee. I am assuming this is due to the age of my PS3. The console works fine but the components are not up to the minimum specifications for TW14. And, there is a small amount of tearing, occasionally.

[A note about minimum specs: I am assuming that the age of my PS3 is a factor. Newer games are more demanding on the processor and graphics card. Although TW14 is compatible with PS3, TW14 is demanding performance my PS3 cannot do as fast as TW14 wants it done. I assume this because my TW12 loads much faster on the same console and the graphics are better in a few areas. Or, I'm wrong and TW14 is screwing up my console.]

Calibration Adherence
NA - I didn't know I could calibrate my console. There are occasional games that allow the user to configure certain video settings. TW14 is not one of those games. Since most of the game is green I assume there was likely no benefit to the player and only costly to the developer, so video calibration was not included as a feature.

Technical Quality
2 - My PS3 model is OLD. Whatever graphics/textures were used in game will be limited by the PS3's graphics card and processor. And, it is limited, very much so.

Art Design/Production Values
5 - EA Sports has the licensing agreements with the various courses that are re-created in game. The licensing agreement allows EA Sports to accurately re-create the courses I see on TV.
(The original Masters course was re-created by EA Sports in cooperation with golf historians and The Masters organization.)
This is by far the appeal and value of the game. I'm the kind of guy who enjoys playing simulation golf on the same courses as the superstars. The Tiger Woods franchise is the only way to do that.

2 - EA Sports removed a key feature. The ability to watch my shot from the golfer's perspective.
In TW12 after I hit the ball the camera would remain stationary while I watched the ball fly through the air and land in the fairway. Watching the ball's flight is important to playing golf in real life. TW14 is being promoted as close to real golf as you can get therefore, I don't understand why it was removed in TW14. Now it's either a TV Broadcast view or "follow the ball".
This gets me to thinking that EA Sports is trying to get away with putting very little effort into this year's version of the Tiger Woods franchise.
There must be several years worth of useful code laying around the office. I'm sure someone is reusing the old TW versions in the latest release.
Pure speculation, I know, but…there are some areas TW14 improved greatly (or at least well) and other areas where TW14 is of inexplicably poor quality.
Play as a "Pro" is where you'd play as Tiger Woods himself or as one of the many licensed PGA golfers including LPGA golfers. It's not weird for a man to play as a woman. I can see why people would enjoy this but I didn't on account I'm left handed player and playing right is wrong. So I played once as Rory McIlroy and didn't like it.

4 - The swing has been redesigned since TW12. It is being described by EA Sports as more like real golf.
It is possible to configure the swing settings from easy to "simulation". This is good in that it allowed me to start playing and not getting discouraged by the difficulty of hitting a small ball 300 yards. And, as I improved, I was able to increase the swing difficulty.
"Swing Difficulty" means that it is easier to mi**** the ball and send it sailing somewhere undesirable. Literally, the same motion on a different setting will produce a horribly errant shot.
"More like real golf" means that the player must control several aspects of the stance that will affect the ball's flight.

5 - Works for me. Golf is a game of precision. The controls allow me to play with precision. Controls can be reconfigured.

2 - There are SO MANY small glitches and bugs. And, there is so little support from EA Sports regarding these relatively minor issues. There is no reason for a game developer such as EA Sports to release a game with so many flaws. All for $60!!!
Glitches YES, a few minor ones. Some users at EA forums have posted work-arounds.
Bugs YES, some were fixed with Patch#1. Some may be fixed with a possible Patch#2. Some will never be fixed due to [some excuse EA Sports believes you will believe].
Crash/Freeze YES. Some users at the EA forums have reported crashes and there are some work-arounds.

Load Time
1 - All four criteria are not met. It may be the age of my PS3 but still irritating.

In conclusion: For me the real draw is playing on real courses from around the world. There are other golf games that are far less buggy and glitchy but only the Tiger Woods franchise allows the player to play on real courses.
TW14 is not worth the money. But, now that the money is gone forever I have been enjoying TW14. However, I could have stuck with TW12 until PS4 comes out and we get a better TW game.
If you really like video golf you may want to try TW12 if only to avoid the glitches. I bought TW12 on sale before TW14. I think it was $9.99 plus DLC. Excellent value..if you like video golf.

TW14 Standard Edition Courses
Muirfield Village (new)
Oak Hill (new)
Mission Hills (new)
TPC Louisiana (new)
Royal Troon (new)
Pinehurst No. 2 (restored) (new)
Valhalla (new, to me)
Augusta National
Pebble Beach
St Andrews
TPC Sawgrass
Royal Birkdale
Torrey Pines
East Lake
Spyglass Hill
Crooked Stick
PGA National
Atlanta Athletic Club
Kiawah Island

TW14 Historic Edition Courses
Augusta National (1934) (HEC)
Augusta National Par 3 (HEC)
Sheshan (HEC)
Royal County Down (new) (HEC)
Royal Melbourne (HEC)
TPC Blue Monster (HEC)

TW14 DLC Courses
Bethpage Black (DLC)
Pinehurst No. 2 (old version) (DLC)
Whistling Straits (DLC)
Colonial CC (new) (DLC)
Wolf Creek (DLC)
Blackwolf Run (DLC)
Banff Springs (DLC)
Costa Navarino (DLC)
The Els Club (DLC)
Celtic Manor (DLC)
Greek Isles (Fantasy) (DLC)
Highlands (Fantasy) (DLC)
The Predator (Fantasy) (DLC)
Emerald Dragon (Fantasy) (DLC)
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