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Asking for More Would be Greedy Edit
by summerkl Combined Rating: 5.0
I purchased this TV 3 weeks ago for $900 before taxes (Best Buy had a 1-day $200 off flash sale). As I think about what more I could reasonably want in a TV, I draw a blank. I expect I will be...
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  • Great value, excellent picture, media center simplification, touchpad remote
  • Touchpad remote missing number keypad, cable guide function
I purchased this TV 3 weeks ago for $900 before taxes (Best Buy had a 1-day $200 off flash sale). As I think about what more I could reasonably want in a TV, I draw a blank. I expect I will be relatively future-proof for the next 5 years.

Compared to my old Sony KDS-60A2020, the picture isn't a night and day change but it is certainly a striking improvement in detail and dynamic range. One of the big upgrades for me has been the settings method. With the Samsung (and I imagine newer TVs), the settings show up on top of the existing program being shown. Then as you change the settings, the effect is shown real-time. My viewing habits vary throughout the time of day as well as content sources, so this feature has been very useful as I fine tune the picture. Even though I am not a video perfectionist, I can comfortably say that this Samsung TV produces fantastic video. By the way, like many other members have stated, the fears of the pentile screen can be discounted if you sit beyond 8 feet.

My home theatre system was a bit chaotic as I incorporated new technologies over the years. It includes a 3D Panasonic Blu-ray, a Toshiba HD DVD, GoogleTV, Motorola cable box, Onkyo receiver and a Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 speaker system. It is a capable system but requires a manual unto itself to watch anything.

The Samsung Smart Hub has managed to simplify my system. In my new setup, I have the peripherals feed into the TV with the high quality audio fed out to the Onkyo receiver to be used only when I feel the need to shake the house. I also feed Ethernet directly into the TV to access my Plex media server and thus no longer need the GoogleTV for Netflix or Plex. Discovering that Plex made a Samsung client was a very pleasant surprise! With hindsight, the clutter of my previous setup was subtly playing on my disinterest in watching movies.

The touchpad remote is a bit of a love/dislike situation. I love it as it is very familiar from my use of smartphones and it comes in very handy using the newer integrated features like the apps, Netflix and the Plex client. I dislike it for controlling the cable box as there is no numberpad on the Samsung remote—ideally, they should have made the Samsung remote longer and put the numbers up top, and then it would have silenced a lot of the remote concerns. However, it isn't a big bother to just use the cable box remote as it is able to control the TV power and volume.

3D is great to have and I have enjoyed the few movies that I have watched with it. It does a pretty good job of converting 2D to 3D—sports and animation are especially good. I hope the rumored decline in 3D is just that, a rumor. But even without the 3D, the Samsung is still an excellent TV.

If you are in the market for a new TV, this Samsung will more than meet your needs
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summerkl 08-28-2013, 10:08 AM

Sorry I can't comment on gaming as I don't have a game console any more as the kids have outgrown them.

As to movies, I've watched a lot of movies since my purchase and haven't noticed any problems. I'm not saying that the problem you refer to doesn't exist but if it does it is certainly negligible from my viewing standard.

Flavius 08-28-2013, 09:38 AM

Did they add any motion interpolation circuitry back in to reduce judder in movies and double images in under 60FPS games? If not, it should be avoided like the plague.

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