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Outstanding value in a large Plasma package! Edit
by MillerDuck Combined Rating: 4.0
The TC-65PS64 and it's smaller brethren the TC-50PS64 are the "Club" versions of the 2013 entry level S60 Panasonic models. The only difference is that the S64 versions provide the "Infinite...
Pros Cons
  • Size, Black Levels, AR Coating, Picture Quality, Ease of Use, Low Input Lag
  • Limited Smart Features, No 3D, Limited Adjustments
The TC-65PS64 and it's smaller brethren the TC-50PS64 are the "Club" versions of the 2013 entry level S60 Panasonic models. The only difference is that the S64 versions provide the "Infinite Black" screen which is essentially a louvred anti-reflective filter. This small but critical difference makes the S64 a fantastic value.

  • While the S64 does not support the full SMART feature set of the ST60 or higher models it does offer a subset of Streaming options with the uninspired name "Online Movies". This includes the usual suspects of Netflix, Hulu & Vudu.
  • The Infinite Black A/R filtered screen is a revelation at this price point. With deep blacks and the ability to be calibrated to provide rich colors it is a huge improvement over LCD/LED sets in this price range. While it will still wash out just a bit in a bright environment the reduction of the mirror-like reflections is fantastic. I can watch this TV in a room full of windows with very little degradation in the experience.
  • The input lag on this model has been measured as some of the lowest of the 2013 models. Great feature for gamers!
  • A lack of 3D support may be a tripping point for some buyers but for me was a tertiary requirement.
  • 65"... what can I say, Size Matters

  • Setup was easy and the wizard had it complete within 15 minutes.
  • Editable source names

User Interface:
  • The remote is simple and well laid out. It is not back-lit and frankly was quickly replaced by my universal.
  • The menu system is fairly intuitive although some settings are hidden or redundant. The power-save features must be located in multiple menus in order to turn them off and deliver the best possible performance
  • The adjustment settings are limited compared to the ST60 and above. This display still allows for great calibration options. A 3-point color and 6-point white balance adjustment is available.


I upgraded from a Mitsubishi DLP that had seen it's prime come and go so I may be a bit biased but this is a fantastic performing TV. Especially when you keep in mind the rock-bottom pricing available on this set from Costco and Sam's Club.

I watch almost exclusively Comcast HDTV and Blu-Ray off of my PS3 and have been happy with both options.
  • Sports = NASCAR, Football, Baseball, etc. have all been crystal clear with great contrast between the players / cars and the backgrounds. Motion blur is non-existent and provides a great viewing experience.
  • Cable HDTV = The performance here is largely dependent on the source material and the channel. If there are errors or compression artifacts in the material you will see them on this set. Specifically the NBC program Hanibal is a great example of some crushed blacks and noise in the shadows that sticks out. Comparatively, the Fox show The Following which is similar in theme and composition delivers great detail in the shadows with no noise.
  • Blu-Ray = Stunning. Short of the occasional shortcut-laden budget-produced BD, this TV delivers the best 65" 2D picture you can buy for under $1500. Period.

I don't buy new Consumer Electronics very often and I agonize over the research I put in and making a decision. Suffering from buyer's remorse is pretty common but not with this TV. I can say without reservation that this is the best CE purchase I have made in a very long time. Highly recommended.
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ToonMasterTim 08-28-2013, 08:05 AM

Likewise, I'm happy with my 65S64. The size was overwhelming at first, but now I don't want to go back to anything smaller. The AR filter was the reason I got the S64. It makes a noticeable difference in daytime viewing, helping the set retain nice blacks. I have three standard-sized windows in my room, two opposite the TV and one off-angle. There are also two patio doors opposite about 20 degrees or so off-angle from the TV and I don't have to draw the curtains to see the picture. It's a big improvement over my older plasma. The picture is excellent. And the price makes this an outstanding option.

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