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Awesome! Its like the cinema! Edit
by j74656 Combined Rating: 5.0
Essential accessories:

Optoma 3D glasses: Optoma ZD201 DLP-Link 3D Glasses
High Quality HDMI 3D 1080p HDMI cables: Amazon ASIN: B0036BD0K2
Mounting bracket: Amazon ASIN B003Q58C2E

First off! Dont...
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  • Fantastic Quality, 3D works extremely well! Superb colour rendition.
  • None!!
Essential accessories:
Optoma 3D glasses: Optoma ZD201 DLP-Link 3D Glasses
High Quality HDMI 3D 1080p HDMI cables: Amazon ASIN: B0036BD0K2
Mounting bracket: Amazon ASIN B003Q58C2E

First off! Dont buy the cheaper Sainsonic 3D glasses! They DO NOT WORK properly with this projector.
Also get a decent set of high quality HDMI cables otherwise you will get problems when trying to play 3D content at 1080p Full HD! Details above of the ones that I purchased.

I was debating for quite some time if to upgrade to a 1080p projector and if the costly upgrade would make a difference. Well the positive reviews about the HD131X are indeed correct. The HD131X produces a sharp, vivid and very bright image and at 25feet distance from the projector screen size of 250" the quality is simplying amazing!! I was particuarly surprised by the 2000 lumens output which seemed to produce just as bright an image as my older projector which outputted 2500 lumens! In fact I had to turn the brightness down on the new projector and even put the lamp into eco mode as it was that bright. The extra detail produced by a 1080p signal is amazing as you can clearly see very fine detail such as the fabric within clothing or the texture of a person's skin. Contrast and black levels are equally impressive where fine detail which is usually lost in shadows are now easily resolved.

The upgrade from 720p to 1080p is simply stunning when you play a bluray film one which was specifically filmed using full HD technology not to mention a CG animated film such as 'The Pirates in an Adventure with scientists'.

To get the best out of this projector I had to use a ceiling mount bracket in order to directly line up the projected image to that of my projector screen some 25feet away. Lining up the HD131X projector is very important so that the lens is dead centre to that of the projector screen. I noticed on this model in the menu setup that there was no option to shift horizontally or vertically the projected image as was the case with my older projector and im not sure why this feature is not available on this newer model??. This means that you have to install the projector along with a ceiling mount bracket that can shift, tilt, pivot and twist to perfectly align the image within the projector screen. You can buy a universal ceiling mount but you might want to try and get hold of the offical Optoma version for a better fit.

Fan noise seems to be very good and I dont know why some people are complaining about this?? Perhaps its because I have my AV sound system blasting out 7.1 surround sound :-)

The projector does not come with the mounting screws so you need to purchase a small bag of machine screws M3 of max 10mm length. These can be obtained from the web or from a DIY place such as B&Q.

I also ordered a pair of SainSonic glasses but I am experiencing various sync issues. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING CHEAPER 3D GLASSES! GO AND BUY THE OFFICIAL OPTOMA 3D GLASSES The Optoma glasses work perfectly everytime and the quality is what you would expect and just like in the cinema!

If you are connecting the Optoma HD131X via a PC in order to view 3D bluray content you will need the following:

NVidia GTX graphics card. (I was using a GTX 285)
Bluray Playback software. I was using Total Media Theatre v5
NVidia Play - this is critical in order to get 3D content to work!

You will also need to install NVidia Play. Theres a 14 day free trial period. You need to install NVidia Play otherwise 3D will not work with this projector. Once you have installed Nvidia Play in the Nvidia Control Panel you will see a 3D Resolution setting. One for 1080p and the other for 720p. Ensure that your projector is set to Top and Bottom 3D mode and DLP link is selected in the projector menu system. I am experiencing problems getting the projector to goto 1080p 3D and I can only get a 720p resolution but this is down to the graphics card going via a DTS sound card so suspect the lead that connects the two is not HDMI 1.4a.

I am also using the projector with a Samsung BD Player Samsung BD-F5500 and the quality output is equally impressive both in 2D and 3D. The benefit I can see of going with a dedicated BD Player is that you do get full 1080p 3D!

If you are connecting your BD Player via your AMP (via HDMI) make sure that inside the AMP GUI menu you set the Audio output to just AMP and not AMP+TV! Otherwise the BD Player will down sample the output to low quality PCM instead of Dolby HD 7.1

Finally you will need a proper set of HDMI high quality cables!! I ended up wasting money on cheaper ones even though they stated HDMI v1.4a. DONT BOTHER!! GO AND BUY PROPER HDMI cables (ones which are properly insulated and have a 15GB throughput otherwise your projector will not work properly in Full HD 1080p 3D! especially running it through a 7.1 AV audio sound system!! A word of advice: If you buy a cheaper HDMI cable or ones which state HDMI 1.4a be careful! Not all HDMI leads which claim to support 3D will work and there are several on Amazon which clearly dont work despite the product description stating otherwise! You need to ensure that your HDMI cable can support enough bandwidth and this is measured in GBs. The ones that work properly are those with a throughput of 15GB's and are 1.4a.

This projector is well worth the money. Dont hesitate to get one!!
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