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Best game of 2013 Edit
by swarm87 Combined Rating: 4.0
warning may contain spoilers

The last of us is a PlayStation 3 exclusive (that has a slightly ironic title as it is one of the last of the big titles for the PlayStation 3). in typical naughty dog...
Pros Cons
  • good story, great acting
  • Tedious weapon system;some backstory could have been fleshed out a bit more; Joel is a dick to humanity(if you finished the game you know what i mean)
warning may contain spoilers

The last of us is a PlayStation 3 exclusive (that has a slightly ironic title as it is one of the last of the big titles for the PlayStation 3). in typical naughty dog fashion it combines great game play with incredible story telling. The last of us is the story of Joel a guy who survived what is essentially a zombie apocalypse, however unlike other zombie media (ie, Walking Dead and Resident Evil) this is actually based in something real and real science; a real world fungus called Cordyceps has made the jump from insects to humans much in the same manner as swine and bird flu and has wiped out over 60% of the worlds population from either killing them outright(this seems to be implied by news broadcasts at the start of the game), transforming them into zombiesque creatures called "infected". or from getting killed by those that have been infected. Having lost his daughter Joel spends 20 years moping around in a government controlled quarantine zone until his old flame Tess shows up and asks him to help her take a 14 year old girl named Ellie to a group of people called Fireflies as she holds some kind of key to the survival of the human race.
now that ive sufficiently bored you with a more entertaining version of what you can read on Wikipedia here's my take;Joel gets stuck taking some obnoxious 14 year old brat that is supposedly immune to the infection(though could still possibly turn at any moment) cross-country with his ex girlfriend that basically ran off to join the fireflies with his brother. he seems upset by the fact that Ellie is close in age to the daughter he lost and unbeknownst to him is taking her to her death. Over the course of the story Joel starts caring about Ellie and starts seeing her as a second daughter, this isn't actually said but is implied by the Pixar level voice acting. Ultimately Joel makes a decision that possibility dooms the whole of humanity and opens the game to continue franchise, possibly on the PlayStation 4.

As for game-play the controls should feel familiar as they are very similar if not identical to the scheme used in NaughtyDog' s other PlayStation 3 franchise Uncharted, so if you've played those games there isn't really that steep of a learning curve. the game was advertised as needing to conserve ammo and craft other weapons to survive but on normal mode i found there was plenty of ammunition save for a few sections where you had to rely on stealth and crafted bombs instead. As other reviews all over the internet have said the graphics are beautiful and proves that the PlayStation stills has life left in it, but after playing the uncharted series that's what you'd expect from one of Sony's own development teams; the voice acting, as ive said before and this is my opintion, rivals even animated films made by Pixar. You can really tell that NaughtyDog wanted to create an incredible single player experience, which is refreshing in a world where single player experiences are given the "third row seat" to multiplayer as other studios(*cough*EA*cough*Activision*cough*) have done in the past and made decent multiplayer games but below mediocre single player experiences. the game does have multiplayer but its nothing special, its enjoyable but its not the same typical call of duty clone that everyone has come to expect this generation. there are only two game modes; Supply Raid and Survivors the only difference between the two is that Survivor mode is to the best of seven rounds. Even the multiplayer has its own small story-line; you are in-charge of your own little group or "clan" of survivors and by your team winning rounds you get supplies, food and additional survivors, at certain points you are given the option to complete tasks to further the story, such as completing a task will give you medicine, ammo or train some of your group to defend the only issues with the game is that the game doesn't pause when you craft items in your backpack and you can only have certain amounts of materials and there seems to be an overabundance of one but you can never seems to find that you need when you need it. Also i would have liked to see more makeshift weapons than the broken scissors with tape "prison shivs" and a flame thrower that looks as if it was make of drain pipe, duct tape, an LPG canister and the brake assembley from a bicycle.

The audio video quality isn't exactly what you'd expect this far into the "HD age" the game is 720p according to the box and sounds pretty good on my modest 5.1 satellite system the music, is odd mix of music you'd expect in an old western film, acoustic guitar, classical and tribal seeming procession with some tracks having an almost film score feeling which sometimes makes your forget your playing a video game. A really cool thing that has seemingly become the norm is depending where you purchased the game the games soundtrack was bundled as part of a "sights and sounds" package or is available to listen to on YouTube, if this game is adapted into a film i really hope that the studio uses the same composer.

overall this is one of the best games ive played in a while and recommend that you get it. ive seen other reviewers say that this game is a reason to buy a PS3 and while i say i agree id have to say if you want to get a PlayStation 3 wait for the holiday season as this is one of those games that will most likely have its own bundle.
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