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Hack N' Slash Goodness on the Xbox 360!! Edit
by markc72 Combined Rating: 4.0
Console gamers are in for a real treat when they grab the highly anticipated game Diablo 3 for the consoles. It's been just about a year since the PC version of Diablo 3 has been out. I have...
Pros Cons
  • Loot!!! (lot's of it), Lot's of hacking and slashing, good graphics, and tons of replayability!!
  • Aiming is a little tedious with controller and inventory screen takes time to get used to.
Console gamers are in for a real treat when they grab the highly anticipated game Diablo 3 for the consoles. It's been just about a year since the PC version of Diablo 3 has been out. I have owned it since day 1 on PC and have loved it unlike most of the PC folks out there that were disappointed by it. But after many patches, the PC version is much improved and that has carried on to the console version that came with many of the PC versions updates. I can faithfully say after about half way through the game so far on the Xbox 360, that the console version shines over it's PC counterpart in many ways.

1. Upon loading the game you can see all your friends online, what class they are playing, and their level.

2. Like the pc, you can inspect other players and check their gear and spells. Trading is also back in the console version!

3. NO AUCTION HOUSE!!!! Yay, people will actually have to EARN their gear!!!!!! (that alone makes it awesome)

4. You now get loot rewards for completing quests....tailored to your class and playstyle.

5. Loot has been are now more likely to get gear with stats you need for your class rather than worthless crap like a sword with +20 intelligence.

6. NO LAG!!!!!

7. You can still pick any level you have played for online, or join any friends game.

8. Customized banners return, and EVERY challenge from the pc is here. All the unique monsters, all the paragon levels, EVERYTHING is back from the pc version!

9. 4-player co-op via Live or COUCH CO-OP locally!!! My wife can actually play with me on the same screen.

Storyline- Not the best story line out there, but still enjoyable and engrossing enough to keep most players interested. 4 OUT OF 5.

Graphics, music, sound effects, dialog- Not as visually pleasing as the PC version due to the higher resolution a PC could output, but still good for old hardware. There is very little if any lag at all, even during some very large enemy encounters. Music and sound effects are excellent as always for Diablo games. The sound and colorful visuals shine when casting magic and spells or hacking away at the baddies. Dialog is a little cheesy, but still good enough. 4.5 OUT OF 5.

Gameplay- Just awesome on the console and provides many hours of replay. New paragon system extends the levels after level 60 to 1-100. Couch CO-OP is a huge add on over the PC and provides even more re-playability. You can also play each class (Wizard, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, and Monk). Controls in the beginning were a bit confusing at first since I was used to a mouse and keyboard, but did not take very long to get used to. Aiming can still be a bit tedious at times, but can be overcome. Very addicting and a huge time suck once you start playing it. 5 OUT OF 5.

Overall- MUST BUY for any RPG lovers out there. 4.5 OUT OF 5.
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