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by ninjahifi Combined Rating: 5.0
The Last of Us in my opinion is the last hurrah of the Playstation 3 and boy did it go out with a bang! I know most of you already know the overall story and are more interested in my overall take...
Pros Cons
  • Great story, best soundtrack to a videogame I've ever played, best graphics on PS3
  • Cumbersome controls when fighting, some weird glitches every now and then
The Last of Us in my opinion is the last hurrah of the Playstation 3 and boy did it go out with a bang! I know most of you already know the overall story and are more interested in my overall take of the game as a whole, but for completeness sake below is a quick/general summary of the game. The premise of the game is that in the not-to-distant future a virus has turned most of the population into rabid plant zombies. Of course you play one of the survivors, Joel, who lives in this new world just trying to survive. The story sets it up where Joel, reluctantly has to “deliver” Ellie to the resistance group the Fireflies. The Fireflies are rebels who are working against the established “government” which does not have the entire human civilizations best interest in mind. So Ellie is important to the Fireflies because…she is immune to the virus. Like any other great zombie type story drama/action/madness ensues on the journey in getting Ellie to the Fireflies. The game is more than that, but in general that is the overall story. Don’t get me wrong I thought the story was one of the best ever in a videogame, my assumption is that most people have already played this game.

The graphics for this game are great. They are some of/if not the best graphics on PS3 that I’ve seen. In particular you get a great sense of realism when playing the game. The movement of the characters, their voices, and facial expressions really make the game feel like an interactive movie and not a video game. As far as glitches, a handful of times while playing the game the screen would go partially black/grey and I wouldn't be able to see what was going on. Not sure why that happened but it was only for a few seconds in certain parts of the game. It never caused any problems while playing it was just annoying. Not sure why but wanted to point it out.

The one minor problem, I did have with this game was the cumbersome controls when fighting. Most of the time the game sort of “guides” you into avoiding fights but every now and then you do have to throw down. Before I played this game I had just finished up playing the latest Tomb Raider (another great game). On that game I thought the fighting was handled very well, but on The Last of Us I found it difficult to quickly change to different weapons and move around while fighting. However, I think that was part of what made the game “difficult” and perhaps was the developer’s intention. In other words I got the impression that this game was not meant to be an all out action game (like TR) and was set up more as a stealth exploring type game. Either way if the controls from TR could have been used in this game, the game would have been perfect!

Even with all my previous praise, I think overall this game is the best audio/video presentation of any game I’ve played on any system. Just before buying this game I was in the process of “upgrading” my home theater. So this game was the first “ride” my system took (before any movie or game), and man it was a great ride! The simple fact that the game gives you multiple audio options told me right away that it was going to be sweet. The graphics of course were great but the audio, man the audio was something else. You have not played this game if you have not played it on a good surround sound system where you hear the clickers coming for you from all around! I don’t know how many times I was actually startled from an explosion or clicker coming from one of my surrounds. I’ve noticed that some people don’t consider video games as “worthy” of being used in home theater set ups, but I think a game like this really helps to demonstrate that games are really moving towards being immersive cinematic experiences that clearly benefit from great set ups. I also think sites like AVS forum now putting an emphasis on video games will help that also.

Overall, I thought this was a great game with awesome believable characters and one of the most unexpected endings in a video game ever. The audio/video presentation is first rate and if you own a PS3 you owe it to yourself to check it out.
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