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An addicting racing game where anyone can have a good time Edit
by SBChev Combined Rating: 5.0
Opening Thoughtsespite its age and having a successor on the Xbox One being released this fall, Forza Motorsport 4 is definitely a worthwhile game to play if you’re a fan of automobiles. I have...
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  • Physics, Graphics, Audio, Menus, Car Selection, DLC, Tracks, Game Modes, Competitive, Multiplayer, Fun Factor
  • Lack of Tracks, Few Menu Hiccups, A few slow online features
Opening Thoughts:Despite its age and having a successor on the Xbox One being released this fall, Forza Motorsport 4 is definitely a worthwhile game to play if you’re a fan of automobiles. I have been addicted to this game since originally picking it up in 2011. During this time I’ve accumulated at minimum 400 hours of driving in this game.
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The menu system is very simplistic and easy to navigate. There are five main menus (picture here) and each menu leads to its respective sub-menu. They are mostly snappy, but the marketplace menu often has the error “Marketplace Error: Failed to download required marketplace data. Please try again later.” The auction house can also be a little slow at times.

Forza Motorsport is and has been an easily accessible game for many seeing as Turn 10 has graciously provided many assists for drivers of all skill levels. I personally feel the physics are realistic. When hard on the throttle around a turn in a front wheel drive car, it will understeer. When you give a rear wheel drive vehicle too much throttle around a turn, it will start to oversteer. Each vehicle has a distinct feeling, and vehicles can be further modified with the games in-depth customization and tuning options. I feel like the simulation of turbo-lag is not as pronounced as it should be, but it is still there and noticeable in many vehicles such as the Hennessey Venom or SSC Ultimate Aero, and highly modified cars. I feel like drag racing is this game could use some work due to the lack of a proper tree, and drag tires. The in game drag tires don’t seem to grip as much as they should (no launch wheelies!!). You have plenty of room for adjusting settings in custom races. You have the freedom to create races for cars with certain power levels, engine cylinders, aspiration, and more. There are even handicaps for power, and traction.

The career mode of this game is well done albeit very lengthy. The world tour takes you through increasingly longer, more difficult seasons until the tenth season. Once you beat the tenth season If you resume world tour you will start over at season one. The event list is incredibly long with many different types of events. With all the amount of time I’ve put into the game between my two saves I’ve only ever gotten to 30 and 25% career completion. The event list has a plethora of races that will take hours upon hours to complete in its entirety. Thankfully, you can hire a driver to race for you at a cost.

The AI present in this game has often been cited as too easy for many, although professional difficulty can be a challenge for me. The AI are NOT perfect. They will make mistakes such as running too wide, brake early, and often brake late and fly off of the track.

The sound effects and music in this game is well done. The race music is fast-paced and not boring to listen to while racing. I’d much rather listen to music from my own personal collection, but if that is not available the game music will suffice. The menu music is subdued in comparison to the race music but still interesting. Engine sound effects are lovely. Whether you’re driving a Mazda 787B with its screaming R26B four-rotor to a 1969 Camaro with a low gurgly V8 you can tell most engine families apart. You can adjust audio settings such as prioritizing car sounds versus tire sounds, and overall volume. The main voice actor for the game has a wonderful voice, and Jeremy Clarkson’s reviews of the autovista cars are great.

Visuals: This game features high poly count cars and tracks that are absolutely gorgeous. Unlike Gran Turismo 5 where there is an astonishing amount of cars and only some are high quality, Every single car in Forza Motorsport 4 is of top-notch quality. Not all the tracks in the game are authentic. The reason I mention it in this section is because the fictional tracks have some of the best scenery in the game.

Car Selection:
This game has around 500 cars out of the box, and a grand total of 653 purchasable cars. 17 Additional cars may be acquired from Turn 10 Studios for various reasons, such as the Top Secret Supra, Mines R34 GTR, & Mazda RX-7 Spirit R. There are approximately 80 unique vehicle brands in the game. You can gain affinity for each car brand in the game, with a maximum level of 50. It takes a lot of racing with a specific brand to reach level 50, so under normal circumstances it will take a considerable amount of time to reach that level. You’ll gain a cash reward each time.


Track Selection:
Forza Motorsport 4 has a diverse track selection ranging from the Nurburgring Nordschleife to Tsukuba Circuit. This game features multiple fictional, yet well done and incredibly scenic tracks. There are 26 unique environments, each environment having numerous layouts of the track for you two race. Oddly enough not all layouts can be raced at sunset or in reverse. With only so many layouts in the game after some time they can become lackluster.


Game modes:
Forza 4 contains numerous game modes for you to play including: circuit, drag, time attack, drift, and many more.

Genre: Racing, Sim Racing
Platforms: Xbox 360 (exclusive)

You should definitely try this game sometime or another, it is one of the best racing games I've played.
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