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Really nice Projector that I am sooo glad I got. Edit
by Farshok Combined Rating: 4.4
I was in the works for creating a home theater on the cheap.  Knowing that my whole family would end up using it all the time, especially since we have an HTPC and PS3 connected, I wanted to find...
Pros Cons
  • LED lighting. HD. Full Support for DLP Ready 3D. Price. An amazing amount of advanced features. TV tuner. Great picture quality.
  • No Zoom. Smart TV features don't really add any value. No advanced picture functions at native resolution.

I was in the works for creating a home theater on the cheap.  Knowing that my whole family would end up using it all the time, especially since we have an HTPC and PS3 connected, I wanted to find something that was more or less maintenance free.  Especially with bulbs, due to the amount of time we would end up using it... A LOT!  I wanted something that would have a good picture, especially with movies, but also since we'll be playing a lot of games on our PS3.  All I can say is I'm glad I bought this projector.  If I had the chance to go back and choose another one, I'd still end up buying this one..  Here's why...


LED Lamp - It's actually pretty bright for 700 ANSI Lumens.  My home theater room I'm making is in the basement of our house so as far as ambient light goes, there really isn't any, unless it's from an artificial source such as a lamp.  With the lights on, the projector is still bright enough to scroll through the movies in my HTPC, or browse the menu on my PS3.  When it comes to really dark scenes in a movie with the lights on, it's a bit hard to see what's going on.  With the lights off, the picture is pretty darn great no matter whether it's a light or dark scene.  It has 3 settings for energy savings which adjust the bulb brightness.  I usually leave it on medium.  The fan also changes speed when changing this setting to keep the projector cool when at medium and minimum energy settings.  The fan is not overly loud, but you can hear it in a quiet room.  When we're watching a movie or playing a game, you really don't hear the fan at all.  Knowing I never have to change a lamp... Priceless.


Picture - This projector's native resolution is 1280x800 and utilizes diamond pixels.  Due to the type of pixels it has, text is not that great so browsing the web isn't all the great, but I didn't buy this projector to browse the web.  I bought it for movies and games and so far it looks fantastic.  There are an amazing amount of advanced picture/color/brightness/contrast options in 720p and 1080p resolutions.  For some reason, LG decided to limit some of those options in the native resolution.  Not really sure why.  There are multiple picture sizes..  FULL, 16:9, JUST SCAN, etc.  I usually leave it on Just Scan to automatically size the image displayed to the source.  Seems to work fine.  There are multiple color presets as well such as Vivid, Standard, Cinema, etc.  These are presets that automatically adjust all the advanced options (which can be adjusted individually also), and there are a couple user preset locations you can save your custom settings in.  So far, I've not found any issues with the color, brightness, contrast, etc.  Color depth and saturation is pretty good, but that's just using my 2 eyes I have.  I built my own screen and am using the standard Carl's BOS fabric with a supposed 1.0 gain and am projecting an image at approximately 113" diagonal.  Whites are pretty white and blacks are not quite all the way black, but pretty close to black.. If that makes any sense.  I've read that some people with the PA70G and a few with the PA75U projectors have had focusing issues, but so far I have not.  Focus adjustment wheel is tight, and I still have room to focus more either way.  It does not have a zoom feature.  This is not too much of an issue for me since I used the projector calculator to determine the distance, and the mounted my projector and made the screen based on the projected image.  I'm sure some would miss this feature coming from other projectors that have it.


Tuner and Smart TV - I've got satellite TV, so I don't really use the tuner function for TV.  I did connect the included HD antenna to try it out, and picked up a few channels.  The images were crisp and clear and looked great.  I'm not really into the Smart TV features or apps, especially since I have an HTPC and PS3 connected, are really not needed.  It has a few apps, but no Netflix.  I did try the YouTube app out and it seemed to work fine.


3D Viewing - I am still waiting on my 3D DLP Ready glasses from SainSonic (Thought they would have a local US distributor, but my glasses are apparently coming from China), so I've not yet been able to try any content out in 3D.  As soon as I do, I'll post some info on it.


It does have 2 different remotes.  One is a standard remote and the other is a bluetooth magic remote, similar to a Wii controller.  The magic remote has way less buttons, but you can still access everything through it.  I primarily only use the magic remote. 


Overall, I love this projector.  On and Off time is within a couple seconds.  It just works and does everything I wanted it to do.  I would without a doubt recommend this projector to someone that is looking for a low cost but good quality projector that has a robust amount of features and has a room with low ambient light. 

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Farshok 10-28-2013, 04:13 PM

Just wanted to update... I finally received my 3D glasses from SainSonic.  I ended up buying the cheapest ones I could find that were DLP-Link ready..  I think they ended up being about $19 each.  I'm actually pretty impressed.  I've only tried 3D with HSBS media.. a few movies so far, but it actually works pretty well!  Much better than I expected.  I'm still happy with this projector and would highly recommend it.

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