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Integra DTC 80.3 worth the extra purchases…. Edit
by harry douglas Combined Rating: 4.0
Where will it end? Will we eventually all sit in Dolby Atmos environments wit 4K monitors? Well after enjoying 9.2 surround for a few months I sure hope so!
I have been a fan of Integra digital...
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  • Good HDMI integration, balanced and unbalanced outputs, excellent use of surround codecs, much better remote quality
  • DTC end of stream creates a noise can destroy your speakers
Where will it end? Will we eventually all sit in Dolby Atmos environments wit 4K monitors? Well after enjoying 9.2 surround for a few months I sure hope so!
I have been a fan of Integra digital processors since my first Integra 9.4. They have steadily improved the DTC class of digital processors. Other than losing the video board on my 9.8 they seem pretty solid.
My understanding is the heat from toroidal transformer and power supply tend to cook the caps on the video board. My intention is to add a fan to the 80.3 just to be safe. The 80.3 preamp has more inputs and outputs than most humans would ever need. Hook up is pretty straight forward, and set up is very easy thanks to the video display. However even as an engineer, I needed to look up a few of the terms to be sure I was doing the right thing. Audacity EQ is a real God send, I'm not sure I could live without that feature again. I find a few discrepancies every time I use it, but you can tweak them out at will, manually.

My system is running (2) Mc75 mono blocks for the main channels, (7) D75a Crown amps strapped mono for wide, surround, rear, and dialog channels. My speakers are mostly Monitor Audio. Using GR-60's for the mains, and Audio Monitor silvers for surround, rear, dialog and wide channels, with (2) Velodyne servo controlled subs. That alone is why a .2 is worth the price of admission for 9.2. Separate feeds with individual EQ for my subs, smooths the bass in most room positions. The bass glissando's throughout World War Z feel so smooth and deep and they have a better bite than most zombies.
My BluRay is a Pana 330 and the 80.3 allows for HDMI 3.0 for those that can tolerate 3D viewing.

I enjoy the mix and match that the processor offers. You can listen to a DTS in different modes, I personally enjoy ProLogic IIX with the Audacity enhancement. It gives you 7.1 experience with 2 additonal wide channels which really improves the forward separation and the feeling of openness. The High channels will be useful when they finally make 9.1 blurays, (ProLogic IIZ) until then wide is sweet.
I enjoy streaming HD tracks from my computer to this DSD. I listened to the 96KB 24 bit American Beauty the other day, and it was like the first time I've ever really heard the album. So full of air, each instrument stood firmly in surround space. A real wow.
The only issue I have with the 80.3 is the end of a DTC stream creates the most awful blast of digital noise, which when you're in a mellow space, is aboslutly terrifying. I have learned to mute the system after each BluRay ends, because this noise will certainly blow out a driver at a moderate level. God help you if you fall asleep and the movie ends. Hopefully a firmware update will address this issue before I have a heart attack. The firmware updates come in from the internet, which is a great improvement over earlier Integra models. The network connection is also nice for pandora and other internet based music. The unit also has Sirus radio for you sat listeners.
Well this is my first review and I've rambled, but I give this bad boy a thumbs up…. Bring on the Atmos models Integra, I'm waiting...
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harry douglas 10-31-2013, 03:14 PM

correction sorry I meant to say hdmi 1.4, not hdmi 3.0

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