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Europe's SC-LX82 a Stunning big performer Edit
by perfektcom Combined Rating: 4.7
The feeling begins*

I must admit I have been a strong supporter of Yamaha since 1984, when I bought my first set-up (actually my parents bought it for me )
When I set up my first flat screen on...
Pros Cons
  • Build quality, MACCAC system, iphoe capabilities, plenty o juice, great looker (should NOT be locked away from sight)
  • Remote Control is too clutered and difficult to use especially in the dark, software is confusing at best
The feeling begins*

I must admit I have been a strong supporter of Yamaha since 1984, when I bought my first set-up (actually my parents bought it for me smile.gif)
When I set up my first flat screen on the wall, a great looking, excellent performing Kuro TV, it was time to replace my AV receiver as well. Started doing some research and to my surprise it turned out that Pioneer have some excellent AV equipment.
I took one look at it in the shop and I fell in love. Yes, this product gives you the same goose bumps that an Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod/etc or a Mercedes Benz will give you when you own it. You start having good feelings about it.

So the next thing was let me listen to it.

It took me a while before I set up the speakers, sources etc before I could fire it up.
But then... Dire Staits "Brothers in Arms Album and the song " Your latest trick" the first song I play on any equipment that I test.
It sounded wonderful, there was power then I hoped for (or ever needed). To this day I argue with the better half that music should be listed at levels that allow you to appreciate the finer details... her answer "I am getting a headacke from the noise". The next song is the killer for me, actually first 90-120 seconds of it "Money for nothing". Funny about this song. If you make me listen to it soft I do not like it. It sound like please switch it off BUT when you play it LOUD, you can feeeeel the music, the quitar, the base, the analog drums that enter and envelope the entire room. This is what I like best.
Well the AV performed much better than its predecessor and it was here to stay... Ever since it just gets better. Oh, and BTW I replaced my monit B&W speakers to the Dali Ikon 7, now this unit really started shining through like a diamond on a heap of coal. I seriously cannot get enough of the sound.

In Doubt*

At some stage I was convinced by my friend that I should try and improve on the quality of sound by getting some really professional (expensive) DAC for my CD player and the iPhone/Network/DLNA music.
I started reading about it and thought to my self "yes, try it. It might be of some benefit".
I took a DAC made locally by one of the gurus and started testing it. I tested it for about a month. I tried any and all ways to improve the sound and as soon as I thought I heard something I failed in the blind test. As a side note it performed exceptionally well with y computer sound card smile.gif .

I did some research and found out that Pioneer Elite SC-27 receiver has some excellent DAC electronics inside BUT it is Pioneers best kept secret. Try finding any of this information on the web. Its damn hard. I will spill the beans it has "with a professional-grade Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit sampling rate converter (SRC) for ultra-wide dynamic range..."** which are considered amongst the best in hi-fi


When you fire it all up, listen to it, enjoy it to its fullest the Pioneer Elite SC-27/SC-LX82 will give you a little bit of reality. It will remind you that we are all human and not everything is perfect.
The software, when fired off on a big plazma looks like it was made on a VHS video tape by first year electronics geek. nothing is intuitive.
The DLNA is moody. Pioneer Elite SC-27/SC-LX82 is and AUDIO Video receiver but DLNA will not work with Video mad.gif
To this day I did not find out how I can program my remote control to operate other equipment. I need to switch on the lights to find the play, pause, skip, ffd buttons on the RC.

My Conlcusion

If you want a good performer, that sounds and looks great (however, it will not let you tinkle with the video settings) then the Elite series is for you.
I strongly recommend it. Every now and then I lay in bed thinking what would the Susano sound like?... but then I thing to my self one should always chase one's dreams

* Thank you Mr. Peter Gabriel for this album, I still love it
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