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High Caliber Audio with Looks to Match! Edit
by ericheys911 Combined Rating: 4.3
Before I get into my thoughts on the SR6005, I should give you a little back story on my audio journey. About 5 years ago, after realizing I needed better audio for my TV for movie watching, I...
Pros Cons
  • Aesthetic Design, Sound Quality, Variety of Inputs, Great Remote, Pre-Outs
  • Outdated GUI, No Networking, No HDMI Input on Front Panel
Before I get into my thoughts on the SR6005, I should give you a little back story on my audio journey. About 5 years ago, after realizing I needed better audio for my TV for movie watching, I bought a Kenwood VR-6070 A/V receiver off of Craigslist along with a pair of Advent Mini II's that the guy had. That was a good idea; I really loved that combo... But after getting into Blu-Ray, I knew I needed to upgrade to take advantage of lossless audio codecs. That's when I bought a Sony STR-DH720, which ended up being a huge step above the Kenwood. But as I became more attune to audio reproduction, I could tell I was still missing something. This brings me to a Denon AVR-1909 as my next receiver, which is when I found out how much more dynamic movie soundtracks could be. And finally, since I wanted to find a receiver that could grow with me for a while, I went with the Marantz SR6005 which I was able to purchase used on Ebay for $400.

I went through quite a few different speakers over that period of time as well (sadly the Advents are long gone), but my current front R/L channels are Definitive Technology StudioMonitor 55's with some Polk bookshelves as the rear & surround channels, and currently no center channel. Since we are on the subject of speakers, this Marantz unit really makes them sing. My listening habits are about 60% HT, 30% music and 10% gaming. For movies, this thing has a pretty good edge over the Denon I had, which means it has some excellent dynamics, great surround transitions and the front sound stage seems to have more depth and width to it. To my ears, music listening with the Marantz sounds amazing (depending on source material), although I haven't ever had a dedicated 2-channel system to compare it to. While I am assuming that most quality integrated amps would have the Marantz beat on the music side of things, I don't feel the need to have a separate setup since I think the Marantz performs admirably with 2-channel listening.

One of the main reasons I chose to go with the SR6005 is due to its variety of inputs and outputs. This receiver has pretty much all the connections most modern home theaters would need (short of networking which I didn't want), but I was mainly buying it for its 7.2 pre-outs. I am planning on adding external power amplifiers to my setup down the road, so this will make a pre/pro unnecessary. It has has 1.4a HDMI compatibility, and while I have no interest in 3D anything, it is at least good for the audio return channel that the Marantz features. That is it would have been if I had bought a TV with that capability (an oversight on my part). One thing it does lack is an auxiliary HDMI input on the front panel, which would have been a nice feature since I occasionally hook my laptop up to it. It does have a auxiliary USB port on the front which is nice.

Something I found quite helpful on this unit which my Denon didn't have is the ability to delete unused input sources so they don't show up on the OSD when selecting a source. That is a cool feature. What Marantz didn't improve upon too much is the GUI for the menu system, which stayed almost exactly the same due in large part to Marantz and Denon being owned by the same company. While the GUI looks reeeeally outdated, it functions quite well for what you need it for, even if the sub-menus can get a bit confusing. Another thing to mention is about the video processing of this unit. I would normally just turn it all off and let my Blu-Ray player handle it, but I have yet to find a way to completely disable it. That wouldn't be an issue, except it started making funky things happen with a couple DVDs, luckily I was able to adjust settings on the player to remedy this. Last, but not least, the remote. It. Is. Awesome. I love the fact that it is backlit and also laid out so intuitively (compared to the Denon's which I am convinced an insane person designed).

I would just like to finish up this lengthy review with a pretty obvious pro: the looks. Marantz has consistently produced some of THE MOST sexy receivers on the market. I enjoy the fact that the front panel flap on the SR6005 covers all buttons and inputs minus the power button, which results in a very symmetrical and pleasing design which even my wife commented positively on.
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