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by tisserda Combined Rating: 4.3
I'm using this NR717 in our main living room, a 26x40 room with a 26ft vaulted ceiling. In other words, this thing is filling a BIG room with poor acoustics. I have a 7.1 setup using HTD inwall...
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  • 7.2 channel, THX Select2, Network enabled, 8 HDMI assignable inputs, powered zone 2/3, Audyssey 2EQ, web app
  • only supports streaming audio, not video.
I'm using this NR717 in our main living room, a 26x40 room with a 26ft vaulted ceiling. In other words, this thing is filling a BIG room with poor acoustics. I have a 7.1 setup using HTD inwall speakers on all 7 channels + an HTD Level 2 sub. No issues at all filling the room with clean, quality sound. Our main use is TV, Moves, and streaming iTunes, in that order. For these applications, this unit works amazingly well.

The Audyssey 2EQ sound setup is straight forward and easy to use, and much more thorough than on my old NR803. The tune has a very flexible setup for speaker wiring including: F/R/C main speakers, surround L/R, surround back L/R, Front High L/R(Zone 2), Front Wide L/R(Zone3). As you can see, the zone 2 and zone 3 are shared with the extra front speakers. Surround back shares an amp with Front High/Zone 2. Surround side shares an amp with Front Wide/Zone 3. I have zone 2 wired to the back porch and it switches seamlessly from 7 channel in the main room to 5 channel in teh main room + 2 channel back porch. The 2 back channels are driving 3 HTD in ceiling speakers each on a 38' wide back porch. They produce plenty of volume for all the neighbors to rock out to.

Unit powers up quickly and can switch first HDMI signal usually in less than 5 seconds. Switching sources (DirecTV/PS3) is very quick, 2-3 seconds. Remote control is good, not great. It easily programmed to control TV and DirecTV box. It works well for controlling the network apps. It does NOT work well for controlling zone2/3. It works, but since you get no visual confirmations what the system is doing in Zone2, it is difficult to control. Good news is the Onkyo smartphone app is very good for both Apple and Android. The Android app is actually a little better with slightly more features. For example, the Android app allows you to select random, repeat, regular play on music streaming, while the Apple version does not. The app connects to the reciever via your local network so you can control it from anywhere you have WiFi access. This is great for the back yard/zone2 control.

As stated above, mainly using this for TV and movies. One neat feature is you can define the surround sound type by source/type combination. For example, if my DirecTV is providing a 5.1DD signal, I can tell it to use THX Cinema mode. If the DTV is providing a 2 channel stereo signal, I can tell it to use Dolby Pro Logic. The AVR will automatically siwtch between the 2 modes based on what type of signal the DTV sends. These can be defined independently for each source.
With the setup I have, movie watching is a audio sensory overload. The range of speaker distanaces is very large due to the size of the room. The Audyssey 2EQ did a great job of balancing the volume and tone to the primary seating area. It actually allows you to define 3 main seating areas and balances all 3 giving a wide seating area. The Amp has plenty of power and head room to drive my speakers and fill the whole room with immersive sound.
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