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by millenia 300 Combined Rating: 4.2
I purchase this av-receiver because i used to work in an audio and electronics store and was able to make a good listening to it and compared it with other brands by the fact that we were having a...
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  • lots of power, good quality sound for music,amazing in home theater,specifically on thx ultra 2 mode,rf remote with screen
  • navigation of your music on your network could be lot better, lack the 9.1 channel for front bi-amp while still in a 7.1 configuration
I purchase this av-receiver because i used to work in an audio and electronics store and was able to make a good listening to it and compared it with other brands by the fact that we were having a real nice set up that permits us to switch from an av receiver to an other while playing music or movies on the speakers of our choice.I set-up them previously individually to get the best sound the av receiver good give according to my ears.(pioneer sc-37,nad 775,yamaha rxa 2000).
So after at the same volume level i could switch and ear instantly the sound difference.
The dynamic of the pioneer in multichannel stereo mode was amazing,clear sound without being arch,tight bass and excellent detail in all the little things you wanna ear in special sound effect in movies.The clarity and presence of female voices such as sarah mclachlan was sublime and the detail you could ear in accoustic guitar or electric was just delectable( i have to specify that i was having paradigm studio 100 for front speakers).There was even no drop when switching from 2 ch stereo to 5. The yamaha was too flat and not giving the dynamic i was surching for. Only the nad was giving a really reach sound with deep bass but did not have the thx certification for movies which a loved on the pioneer.

Switching from the dts hd master to thx ultra 2 mode was for me something i could not think was so different.I still test it today with different movies or concert and always come back to thx First for good result you have to get a movie or concert that is at least dts or dolby digital hd 5.1.other like dolby digital 2.0 or less are better in the original mode.
The difference is that when you switch to ths ultra 2 you get instantly a more precise focus sound on each channel with more db.For an example ,if you take a scene with 2 actors having a conversation in a bar with music in background.On the dts hd master mode you can ear the voices coming from the front speakers too much comparing to the center channel.(witch is not a bad set up from the level channel).when you switch to thx ultra 2 eek.gif eveything comes to place.All dialog sound goes exactly to the center channel just where it should be near the subject.When i have someone speaking in front of me,i don,t wanna ear is voice ont the left or the front please! No more voices in the left and right channel,but the background music comes more present in those two and also on the surround and surround back channels with a real spacious ,rich and wide sound like if you were a bar, yes exactly where they are in the film!
Listening to '' cheval de guerre or war horse'' scene 21 no man's land is just amazing,you can ear the whisteling fron the bomb coming all the way from the back and explodes in the front with an explosive kick in the sub and still ear the voice of the commander yelling is orders precisely in the center channel! wow, that's what i need from a receiver! That's the one i bought! love also to have an rf remote with a nice display on it so you don't have to see you're receiver to operate it and you can see on the screen what you would see on you're receiver screen,even the title song that is playing on your usb key.A remote that pioneer did not put in the box after that model. For the airplay, apple tv plug to it makes the job and if you check the spec from recent models compared to this one it really have 140w/ ch 8homs from 20hz to 20 000khz(the all bandwith) and recent model that would be the sc-79 150w/ch but only on the 1khz bandwith wich is actuallly less then 140.the spec of sc-37on the 1khz bandwith with 2ch driven is 180.So i got evrything i need and don't miss anything from recent models,even got the 32 bit dac on sc-37 but lack of being able to drive 7.1ch while bi-amp the front but that's it.
The sound macc calibration pro is also amazing and really performing to calibrating the group delay and have a real good uniform sound,which was very usefull for me by the fact that i got front speakers with 4homs impedance while the rest is the dynamic is not the same.
So that's about it and hope you enjoy reading my experiences ans test. best regards, frank audio fan!
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