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Denon AVR-1312 Edit
by swim33 Combined Rating: 3.7
All of the detailed specifications for this product can be found on Denon’s website as well as many others.
Taking it out of the box Denon shows it has taken care to present this...
Pros Cons
  • Low Price, Great Sound, 3D Pass-Through
  • No Audyssey, No USB Port
All of the detailed specifications for this product can be found on Denon’s website as well as many others.
Taking it out of the box Denon shows it has taken care to present this receiver to the customer well packaged and undamaged. The receiver is surrounded by foam and in a bag to prevent moisture damage. The receiver has a solid build to it as it is made out of metal save for the plastic front. The simplicity on the front panel gives an uncluttered feel to it and is appealing to me. The power button, when being used, has a green glow around it which looks very nice. I would have liked to have a usb port included somewhere but for the cheap price it’s something you have to give up. The back panel is very simple and easy to figure out to people unfamiliar to audio and video gear. The receiver does lack binding posts for the center and left/right surround speakers which is a little unfortunate but something I can live with for such a low price point. The receiver also lacks Audyssey but coming from an old receiver that did not come with it, I can live without it. The receiver has an onscreen GUI through HDMI which is a handy feature and almost standard for every receiver nowadays. The GUI is simple yet easy to use and perfect for my needs. I use my receiver for a mix of music and movies and the results are immersive. The receiver includes decoding for DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD and both make my blu-rays come alive. This receiver can deliver some power despite its relatively low power rating. I can crank the volume to uncomfortable listening levels and yet the receiver still delivers with no problem. I have large from speakers utilizing a 10” driver each and it has no trouble giving them some juice. The crossover works flawlessly and the result is a smooth transition from the speakers to the subwoofer. The AVR-1312 also offers DTS Neo: 6 and Dolby Pro Logic IIz which convert stereo to 6.1 surround. I stream music and Amazon Prime movies from my computer to the receiver through a stereo connection as my computer is quite limited and they sound great. Movies sound like they are being fed by a 5.1 surround source rather than stereo and the music is superb. I prefer stereo for my music and for this receiver that is certainly not a problem at all. My only complaint as far as sound goes is the lack of bass this receiver provides. It was definitely meant to be used with a subwoofer for that extra oomph in the lower end. Now that I have rambled about the audio, let’s talk about video. This receiver has no upscaling or standby pass through. These are not a problem as I use my blu-ray player to upscale my video and never watch anything without using the receiver. Since the receiver doesn’t alter the video there really is not much to mention on that aspect. Overall, the Denon AVR-1312 is a fantastic receiver for such a great price that it would be hard to overlook when considering a baseline receiver. If Audyssey and video upscaling are not that big of an issue for you I would highly recommend this receiver to anyone starting a home theater.
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