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The speakers I have been searching for Edit
by g_bartman Combined Rating: 4.8
I have been a music nut since I can remember. I got my first stereo component system 38 years ago. My first surround system was a dolby pro logic receiver with 5 mismatched speakers. I have been to...
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  • Very detailed sound, great imaging
  • High gloss cabinets can reflect image off screen, not a budget priced speaker.
I have been a music nut since I can remember. I got my first stereo component system 38 years ago. My first surround system was a dolby pro logic receiver with 5 mismatched speakers. I have been to a lot of audio dealers and Axpona last year in search of some reasonably priced (to me) speakers. I have heard some astonishing systems with price tags to match. I have also heard some very underwhelming speakers, ones that had solid reputations. I saw a review last year for the 7t's last year in Stereophile last year which was very complimentary. I have read some others as well, all very positive. I have been meaning to take the 4 hour drive to my closest dealer to hear what all the fuss is about. A like new pair came up on the used market at a very good price. I did something I thought I would never do, spend more than a few hundred bucks on speakers I have never heard. It was purely an impulse buy. Oh my God, what have I done? Would I kick myself all the way to the bank?

The speakers arrived via Fedex freight. I asked the driver if I could check them out before signing for them, he helped me unbox them. He was very impressed with the shipping boxes as was I. I normally don't pay much attention to how a speaker looks but was struck by their appearance. Fit and finish were nothing short of first class. He even made a comment "boy, those sure look nice. I'll bet they sound good too." I schlepped them into my basement and connected them to my Mcintosh MC252. I ran audyssey xt32 on my Marantz AV8801. It set them top large, I changed the xover to 40hz. I played some familiar music and played around with placement. They are 3' off the rear wall, 8' apart with a slight toe in. It took a few days to set aside uninterrupted time just sitting and listening.

I have always been a music first person. I listened to some of my favorite go to tracks and some newer ones as well. I listen to a variety of music, mostly slightly mellow rock and Jazz. Fire up was Dr. John with "there's no on like you" from a record he guested on with Double Trouble. I was immediately struck by their imaging and transparency. These are the most detailed speakers I have ever heard. That is great on good recordings, not so much on lesser ones. I played them for about two hours straight, kept thinking "oh, I gotta hear this next on these." The area they occupy is 15x30 and is open to a hallway and a small alcove. The bass bass very clean and accurate but lacked the slightest bit of deep impact. The mids and highs are nothing short of sublime. Of course they also sound fantastic on movie soundtracks. I just got the cc3 to go with them which is a very good match. Nice, cohesive front sound stage. I could go on and on but just read some pro reviews, they can speak more about the inner details than I can. Suffice it to say my search has come to a blissful end.
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g_bartman 01-04-2014, 06:57 PM

I played around with placement and found a very good balance between lf output and mid/high clarity. I am totally satisfied listening to 2 channel music in pure direct with no subs active. The deep impact is there now.

islandmd 12-27-2013, 02:07 PM

Congratulations on a spectacular system.  I also got the 7T speakers and the cc3 center a few months ago.  I'm using them in a home theater on either side of a 120" screen in a similar set-up to yours.  The 7Ts are hooked up to a Denon 4311 receiver with a pair of Rythmik E15 subwoofers for a 7.2 system.  You would think that using a Japanese receiver connected to a HTPC (CAPS Zuma + JRiver 19) would significantly hinder the performance of these speakers.  Not so.  2-channel sound is very, very good.  Great detail, imaging and dynamics.  Of course I'm always looking for improvements so I'm trying to decide between the new Anthem MRX 710 or the Cambridge Audio 751R.  Apparently they're both almost as good as separates.  I've got local dealers for both so I'm going to try to get home demos of each.
After auditioning many, very expensive speakers, including the new $50,000 Wilson Alexias running on ARC and Classe gear, I still like the sound of the 7Ts better.  Even with a Denon receiver.  It's not just me.  My audiophile friends agree that the 7Ts sound better than many more expensive speakers that they have heard.  Like you, my speaker search has come to an end.  Now for the electronics....

g_bartman 11-24-2013, 09:45 AM

Thanks Matt, I appreciate the kind words from the Jedi Master. My wife chuckled when I told her these are my last speakers. I have a futon partially blocking the lower woofer of the right speaker, it's about 3.5' from it. That will be removed from the room ASAP. I need to check into reflections. The room is pretty dead but I want the best sound possible.

BrolicBeast 11-24-2013, 06:51 AM

'Tis a rare thing for one's search to reach its end.  I'm glad that the end to your search is indeed blissful!!!  You've got a great room (maybe post a few more pics of the Aerials from your WYSC thread?) and I'm sure the 7T's are massaging your ears right now!   Great review man!

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