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Great picture, serious design and manufacturing flaws Edit
by S-curvy Combined Rating: 1.0
From my Amazon review:

@HomeTekkie's review is the same as mine:  In different words, I second everything @HomeTekkie found at fault w/ his/her Epson 8100, my experience was nearly identical.  We...

From my Amazon review:

@HomeTekkie's review is the same as mine:  In different words, I second everything @HomeTekkie found at fault w/ his/her Epson 8100, my experience was nearly identical.  We purchased our projector in mid 2010 for about $1,400, and this was based on the many glowing reviews, and especially the "best in the business customer service" as put forth by the dealer and by what I researched on places like and


2 bulbs went out in short order (at about the same 450 - 800 hrs mark), well below 2000 hours; this was after about 9-10 months of use on each.  3 months after the warranty expired, the screen went black, the red light came on and could not be reset, and you guessed it, Epson was unwilling to stand behind their $1,400 product.  I took it to their local repair shop and learned that the power supply had failed and needed to be replaced in addition to the bulb needing replacement.  The estimated repairs were ~$700, gasp, so I got in touch w/ the Epson customer service rep (CSR) and pointed out the failed power supply and cost.  The CSR still wouldn't back the product, so I escalated my call to the CSR's manager, and then escalated it again to their "customer retention rep," who ultimately, in the most positive and reassuring terms, offered me the same "secret code" to their online store.


After weeks of dickering, the best offer Epson had for me, with the "secret code" in fact, was 10% off of retail for another new or refurb unit, but the kicker here is that that 10% discount was exactly the same 10% discount that anyone could get by shopping their pre-Xmas website!  What a joke, and the customer retention rep was pretty deflated when I pointed this out to her -- there was nothing more she could do, even as I suggested how unlikely it would be for anyone to knowingly be willing to spend $1,400 for a TV that was only going to work for 2 yrs + 3mos.

Since the price of the repair was basically the same as a refurb unit and I was so pissed at Epson, I decided to go ahead and get our unit repaired.  Then came the final call from the repair shop:  I had already spent $275 for the diagnostic fee, plus another $200 to get the power supply fixed, which apparently did not completely solve the problem, and the final push (replace main board) brought the bill to just under $1,000!!! That's to fix my just out of warranty $1,400 projector.  The final insult to this saga is that the projector I dropped off for repair was in flawless exterior condition, but the one I brought home had someone else's housing and it was scratched, dirty, and had tape gum smears in a number of places.  This was clearly not the same housing, but the repair shop owner swore up and down that it was, and that was that.


Epson sucks, and they lost me as a customer, forever.  I am now an anti-customer; good luck to all you who are willing to risk so much money.  BTW, Home Tekkie is right about the bad batch of Chinese bulbs, this is exactly the same story Epson told me, sounds like a really big batch.  After reading the many similar reviews that share the same "just out of warranty" experiences, it seems that Epson knew they had a lemon on their hands and aren't willing to officially recognize it and do the right thing.  Buyers, BEWARE!  <img src=" src="" style="">

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