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A Soundbar With Great Functionality That Will Easily Outpower Your TV Speakers Edit
by EndoftheDream Combined Rating: 4.4
Let me begin by saying that I tested out multiple soundbars in the sub $400 price range (around 10 different bars) before deciding on this functionally unique piece of equipment. I had not...
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  • Deep bass and clear, full sound. Bluetooth for wireless connections. Multiple ways to connect with components (optical cable easily integrated the sou
  • No wireless subwoofer. No auto on with TV. Analog cables did not seem to work with my LG TV but did with the Blu-ray player.

Let me begin by saying that I tested out multiple soundbars in the sub $400 price range (around 10 different bars) before deciding on this functionally unique piece of equipment. I had not previously looked into any reviews, I simply wanted to hear each system for myself and decide which one I liked best.



First, the multiple connections are a huge plus for this system. These include a co-axial, 2 HDMI, an analog, and an optical output (it does not include all of these cables, only analog). Originally I used the included analog cable, but that was only able to provide sound for one system, my Blu-ray player, as it did not seem to work from my TV. Eventually I purchased an optical cable and that worked perfectly, not an issue to be had and the same great sound remained. It was very simply to set up, not quite plug in and go as there are a few plug-ins, however nothing complicated. I haven not tried to set the main speakers up separately so I don't know how simple putting the individual speakers on their posts is, but it comes with all the needed parts, though you may need your own tool (I honestly can't recall if it came with a small allen key or something of that sort).

One thing I did notice right off the bat was that there was no auto-on with the TV, however when you do turn it on you don't have to select the input you want every time - it will remain on the last function you were using. I don't find this much of a negative as with a receiver I have to turn that on separately as well, but some might not like the idea.


This soundbar, is also not condemned to simply be a lump in front of your television. Though even if it was (which mind is), it's still a better looking sound bar than most favouring a cylinder shape over the square look. The speakers actually separate in the middle and come with foot plates to mount them on if you would rather they be placed as left and right speakers beside the television. The soundbar can also be mounted on the walls if you so wish.


The remote is small but packed with options. The soundbar has a bright and very easy to read LED display on the right speaker, so one of my favourite options is the dimmer button on the remote when watching films in the dark as the light can be distracting for some. Unfortunately you can't actually turn the display right off. Additionally there are options for different EQ settings and "3D surround" which helps to open up the sound, especially in more compact rooms, in which the sounds seem to bounce off the walls. It won't sound like surround sound, but it really helps to envelope the listener. There is also a option for manually syncing audio if it is needed by delaying the sound that comes out of the speaker if for example the movie's audio is out of sync with what is on screen. However it can only delay the audio response, it cannot push it up.



Now onto what you're really looking for: sound quality. To my ears these reproduced sound that was strong and full that could also reach great levels for a relatively simple system. These easily beat out a number other systems, including another Samsung system that I felt reproduced a hollow sort of tinny sound. It's no Surround Sound system, but it's more than capable of sonically handling movies with quiet to robust and complex audio. Spoken voices and accompanying soundtrack are strong and clear and can be quite powerful when reaching high volume levels. Additionally the sound bar allows the user to select number of EQ settings to change the texture of the sound, this is great for personal taste as well as when using the bar for different outputs, whether it be movies, video games or music.

I was even more impressed with the subwoofer, not only does the remote allow the user to turn the bass up and down as you please, but it's very capable of being thunderous. It's more than I expected, and it's even better than if it becomes too overwhelming I can adjust it accordingly (it has never been overwhelming audio wise - but because I live in an apartment there is volume etiquette!). One possible issue is that the subwoofer is what contains all the outputs, so the sub, not the speakers, are what connects with the components. Unless you really can't stand one more wire or you were planning on placing the sub elsewhere in the room (other than beside the TV) I don't see an issue.


Musically, these speakers are more than adequate when playing CDs or songs through an iPod outputting decent detail and clarity, but if you have a dedicated stereo system for your music then this cannot compete. However I do find myself using the bluetooth function often to connect my iPod when meandering around. The Bluetooth is also another great function, easy to use with smartphones with a decent range in connection distance, though if you wander too far with the connecting device the speaker will stutter and lose contact - as is expected with a wireless signal. This system is not surprisingly most suited for home theatre use rather than music - which is likely why you are looking into them anyway, so no problem there!



I can easily recommend this soundbar (that doesn't have to be a bar)for those who want more from their TV, but don't want to go for full surround. For it's price (and I even snagged it for less than $400 - it was $250 on sale) it's a great deal. It has great functionality both physically and with audio, and the sound full and strong, with deep and powerful bass, than can be adjusted higher or lower. This soundbar is a huge improvement over integrated TV speakers, and can be had at an affordable price.

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