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Amazing, Tight Bass from a Small Enlosure! Edit
by CyrexNZ Combined Rating: 5.0
First, a testament to the character of the folks at Definitive Technology.  I order the SuperCube 4000, but Definitive Tech was out of stock.  So what did Definitive Tech do (not my dealer,...
Pros Cons
  • Tight, Responsive, Loud, Remote Control
  • The "Auto On" is not sensitive enough, I can't get my hands on a visualization of the four different EQ settings.

First, a testament to the character of the folks at Definitive Technology.  I order the SuperCube 4000, but Definitive Tech was out of stock.  So what did Definitive Tech do (not my dealer, Definitive Tech themselves)?  They gave me the SuperCube 6000 for the same price.  That is a level of customer service that just isn't seen anymore.

The review.  I am running it on Yamaha's RX-A3030, using the LFE input, with the Sub Level on the receiver set at +6, and depending on the volume of the receiver, I have my suboofer volume set between 8 and 25.  The lower the volume, the louder I put the subwoofer in order to hear what I want (and vice versa).  Also, the low pass on the subwoofer is maxed out at 150hz.

First, the two Cons I have, both of which are minor.  In a few instances, though it mostly happened with "Forza 5" on the XBox One, whatever I am watching/playing/listening too, doesn't have a strong enough bass signal to either turn the subwoofer on, or keep it on.  With Forza 5, it just kept turning it off.  I contacted Definitive Tech, they suggested turning up the subwoofer level on the receiver so that it sends a stronger signal, and that did the trick.  I now have it set on +6 as I mentioned before and haven't had any problems since.

The other Con is even more minor.  The SuperCube 6000 has 5 EQ settings; 1, 2, 3, 4 and Off.  All I know about them is that 1 and 2 are best for movies while 3 and 4 are best for music.  I can't seem to get my hands on any visualization of what these settings actually look like.  I usually don't prefer any of them and tend to just keep the EQ off.  So it really isn't a big deal whatsoever.

The Pros.  First, I have a small-ish one bedroom apartment; I only expected the Sub to fill my 9' x 12' living room, but instead it fills my entire ~800 square foot apartment with bass.  Very impressive for what some consider a small subwoofer.  Those that don't own subwoofers think its huge.

The bass itself is incredibly tight and responsive.  I listen to a wide range of music, recently a lot of Radiohead, Mumford and Sons, Boston, and AWOLNATION.  All of them sound incredible (with the SM65s bi-amped for my stereo speakers).  However, turn on the EQ to setting 3 or 4, and it suddenly gets VERY boomy and is quite unappealing to me.  Hence, I keep the EQ off.

Movies and TV shows sound amazing.  The opening scene on The Hobbit, where a dwarf holds up a molten piece of gold as two massive hammers strike it from each side, made my whole living room sound like it was being smashed by those very two massive hammers.  Explosions in various TV shows, car crashes and so-on all have the perfect amount of depth.

Video Games.  As I mentioned, I play Forza 5; the right muscle car at its lower RPMs, or an unfortunate crash into a wall are all stellar.  And in Call Of Duty, every gun shot can be felt (not literally thankfully), and every explosion shakes my living room.

This Subwoofer is a power house. As I mentioned, it is tight, responsive, incredibly loud (I don't dare turn it up past 25 out of 40), and the sound quality is absolutely amazing.  I'm a serious music lover, and this thing does the trick.  It's not the two 12" subwoofers in the trunk of my car from my teenage years, rattling both me and my car apart, it is a sophisticated sound that hits each bass note with precision, and each explosion will make you jump out of your seat.  If you're looking at this price range for a subwoofer, I can't imagine anything better than this!!!

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