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Great Game System, however limitations prevent it from being an Entertainment Hub Edit
by mantowncinema Combined Rating: 4.0
About the reviewer:

I have played consoles since the Intellivision. I have extensive knowledge of many consoles. I am 34 and a moderate gamer spending roughly 6-12 hours a week gaming.
I have a...
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  • Terrific Graphics, PS+ account provides free games, PS Store is easy to use, Exclusive titles in the works
  • Online experience still lacking compared to Xbox, NO IR CONTROL, NO bluetooth remote yet, can not turn on without controller, no USB media allowed
About the reviewer:

I have played consoles since the Intellivision. I have extensive knowledge of many consoles. I am 34 and a moderate gamer spending roughly 6-12 hours a week gaming.
I have a man cave and my game systems are connected to my main TV. I spend most of my time watching movies/tv etc.
My current set-up is Samsung 59" 3D Plasma, Samsung 3D Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Apple TV.


I pre-ordered my system and received it on release day, with intention of opening it on Christmas. After learning of the free games on release, and worrying that I would miss them if I waited I opened my system early to take advantage and download Resogun and Contrast.
Upon opening the system I realized that the package of 1 month free/$10 PS store wallet credit was missing! I was able to call amazon who immediately shipped me another console.
This one had the items.

The set-up was a breeze. There was not much in the box. Console, Controller, mini usb-usb charging cable, power cord and warranty.
Set up was a breeze and took a few seconds. However the update take several minutes to download in the beginning.
Also, every game has to download info, so from set-up to actually playing most games you are looking at the short side of an hour. Many of the downloads I did overnight and while playing other games.

The console is really lightweight.. especially when compared to the Xbox One. It is very sleek in design with its slanted appearance.

The controller:
Going from an Xbox 360 controller to the PS4 is .. well.. a disappointment. It is my opinion that the Xbox 360 controller is the best that I have ever used. The key difference is the Thumb Sticks. On the Xbox, they lay ergonomically correct to where your thumbs would naturally lay. On the PS4, they are side by each at the bottom of the controller. After a short time of gaming my thumbs grow tired.


I have played Battlefield 4, Resogun, Contrast, Knack, Killzone, Blacklight Retrobution, and Madden 25. I have been very satisfies with every game I played. I have had little to no issues with any of the PS4 games. Many of the games appear much clearer with higher resolution than the Xbox 360. Though without a side-by-each comparison, you would have trouble knowing that with most titles.


I played 2 blu-ray movies in the PS4. Both of then before the newest update from Sony to fix some issues. I had lighting issues on both movies, where a scene would suddenly brighten and darken. 2 movies was enough to send me back to my Blu-ray player.
The sony store offers movies to stream. I have watched several and had no issues with the streaming service. Each movie has broadcast is 1080p and looked fabulous.
My major complaint is that I CAN NOT USE MY HARMONY REMOTE to control the console. This is a major pain because I now have to use 2 remotes, one for volume and the PS4 controller for the playback. The lack of an IR sensor is inexcusable in my opinion. If you are looking to use the PS4 as an entertainment hub, take heed.


The PS4 puts off some heat. I would recommend leaving it as a lone component on a shelf if possible with plenty of room above and to the sides. I don't have the space to do that so I placed it atop my DVD player since there is 0 heat emission when its off.
It makes an audible whirring sound when no audio is on. Its not much more then that of a small table fan, but it did take my by surprise at first.


The menu system is fairly easy to navigate, but a far cry from the system Microsoft has put in place for the Xbox.
I am able to go to the store and search for movies, games in the search box which always seems to work quickly.


Don't waste your time or money. I bought the Camera hoping I could turn on the PS4... nope. You can turn it off, but not if a game is running in the background. I haven't figured out how to close a game without opening another game or app.


Gaming 90%, Movie Rental 10%.

I still find the Apple TV better for Netflix, due in large part to the ability to control it with my Harmony One, and my Blu-Ray player is better too.


I was really hoping to replace my DVD player with this, and not need any other device for my entertainment, but the lack of IR remote capability is a crushing blow to this formidable gaming console.


Wait until the Playstation Exclusive games come out this year, and then consider purchasing, because it is only the games that will make this console worthwhile.

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jasmart 02-15-2014, 02:47 PM

For future reference, and for anyone else that may read this, there was no need to return your console due to the missing one month free PSN+ subscription voucher. It's automatic when you log into the PSN. You just select the offer, no code required, eligible for anyone that hasn't taken them up on the offer before.

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